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    Ok, SO I just installed in onto another system, and it loaded up just fine, just can't handle the game graphics.

    I also played around with the res and windowed mode, and still no effect. Going to reinstall it again.

    Hello, After this last update I am unable to load into the servers.

    Nothing has changed on my end!

    I get stuck at 5% on EN US PVP1

    I get stuck at 2% on EN US PVP 2

    I get stuck at 8% on EN US PVP 3

    This is after restarting the system, reinstalling the game, I even added more rules in the firewall, I even turned off my firewall completely.

    Could this be an issue with my steam profile communicating with the DB?

    Not sure what else to do from this point foward.

    System specs are:

    OS- Win 7 PRO


    GPU- Nevadian 1050 TI

    32 GB of RAM

    Help = (