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    And of course it is Icelandic, since it is what comes closest to what they spoke in the Viking Age.

    Hello. :)
    After more investigations, I believe the Alter messages are written in the old norse language: "Havamal" and not Icelandic - even that Icelandic is still the closest you, today, can come with how they spoke in the Viking Age.
    Havamal is the same language as the "Edda Verse" Valnir Rok has on the website. :)
    It would probably also be how the Gods would speak. :)

    Hello Glitch and Alienpunk. :)
    I have been wondering the same and the closest I can get the Icelandic text is:

    (Google translate)

    Ey sér til gildis gjöf.

    (Deutsch = Augen für ein Geschenk des Geschenks.)

    (English = Eyes for a gift of gift.)

    Viðurgefendr ok endrgefendr.

    (Deutsch = Angemeldet und bestätigt.)

    (English = Enlisted and endorsed.)

    As a Dane I find that it is the german translate that gives the most meaning. :)

    And of course it is Icelandic, since it is what comes closest to what they spoke in the Viking Age. :)

    Theres an output_log.txt file even if theres no crashreport you can send this to us

    I finally found the output_log txt file - and I have sent it.
    Thank you for the help Nosssi. :)

    Hello. :)
    For me it was the quest called: Masters Rabbit. One of the beginner quests..
    A shame I didn't deleted that first. :P But oh well, now my map is working again and hopefully I can find and activate those I deleted first. :)

    Thanks Nosssi and Alienpunk for your help and suggestions. :)

    Thank you Nosssi. ;:)
    Sorry, yes, I did that quest already some time ago, and it was first yesterday I got the map error..
    Alienpunk suggested to delete all the quests, so I will delete my 12 active quests, one by one, to see if I can find which one is disconnecting me from the game..

    Hello. :)
    I have the same problem. Can't use the map from my inventory or using M, each time I will be disconnected.
    Have had the problem since yesterday.

    I have reported this in the Bug forum in Steam, and another player said he had the same problem.
    And, I have no quest with any chicken.

    Hello RubensDC. :)

    You have some good suggestions above, the only part I personally can't see in use is the part about:
    "Abilities Carpenter

    Tier 4 - Craft Balista for defense and catapult for attack".

    Norsemen's key to victory is mobility.

    If they had to drag heavy siege weapons along, that would greatly reduce their mobility.

    Also, I honestly believe that those siege weapons would be too heavy and take too much space up on the longboats.

    I know the game is not based on the accurate Viking Age history but more on mythology and fantasy. But to add heavy siege weapons to the game would not, in my opinion, make much sense, since those weapons first were used a little later in the Middle Age.

    The Greek and Byzantine cultures had siege weapons, at that time, though - but not the Norsemen. :)

    Hello fellow Norsemen and Norse Women. :)
    I agree to the above and if I may add to the ideas of this thread DakotaFisherman started?

    Maybe in the future, instead of just adding boats to the game, it would be really nice if it would be possible to build our own longboats?
    Make it possible to add some kind of hooks on the side, to hang shields on and to add enough seats, (as JackKnife suggested) so there would be enough room for your clan members to go on Viking together?
    The sails could reflect your clan's signs and colours.
    And of course to be able to decorate with a dragonhead, or something like that, in the front of course. :)

    Thank you for the nice welcome and thank you for the quick answer.

    Then I have something good to look forward to. :)
    Thanks again. :)

    Hello everyone. :)
    I'm wondering if it will ever be possible to create a Norse Woman character?
    Honestly, I'm a bit uncomfortable running around in a Norsemans body with flimsy hair on my cheeks. :huh: