Posts by Silva

    I love this game it is great I have a few suggestions for future updates and I hope you guys take this into consideration.

    1: Name tags for players

    2: Random dungeons and caves (with creatures)

    3: More variety of things to kill seems like there's only wolves and bears for most of the map

    4: Give players a reason for killing things rare loot or a leveling system kind of like Ark Survival has

    5: Make clans more in debt with leaders being able to restrict certain players to chests and so on so it will be more organized.

    6: Mounts would be pretty cool in this game...nothing extreme horses etc..

    7: a discovery system for the recipes you have learned already so you don't have to try and remember every recipe....once you build will save the recipe for future use.

    These are just a few off the top of my head me and my wife love this game and look forward to the future of this game! GREAT JOB!!!;)