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    I would like to see mods and maybe a developer announce they are coming into the game not to answer questions but to take a tour of stuff the players have built and ask the players questions. I have seen some pretty crazy and awesome houses in game and to be honest a few I would like to claim credit for. It would be pretty neat getting feed back on our buildings from the devs and they then can get some ideas and thoughts on future additions to the game based on what they see.

    On NA East pve server 28, My clan and I help out new players and anyone looking for something to do by asking them to gather stuff for us in exchange for items we have i.e weapons armor, other goodies, at the same time help new players understand the crafting and building system. Usually we ask for 500 of an item then give the players 40 armor chest piece, reinforced axe and a dbl axe, or we completely deck them out in gear. it may sound like a lot of work for just a few items but a lot of the time the people end up joining our clan or at very least we help them with hunts and such later.

    two more things that fall under combat,

    1. enemy loot i know there is not much in the game atm but when i kill a drauger and get 1 thread from it and that is it. and others give a sliver ore and a cloth and a torch its kind of pointless to even go fight them.

    2. Arrow when some creatures in the game take 200+ arrow to kill, the arrows should way less carrying around 20kg off arrow to go kill 2 things is a pain. when I plan on killing whole caves of stuff or multiple trolls

    The combat is very good for alpha only a few minor things i would like to see changed,

    1.Torch held in shield hand if shield not equipped so you can see as you fight at night or chop trees.

    2. crossbow damage needs increase now I know in todays reality crossbows and bows do same amount of damage I own both, how ever this is a game and the speed at with you can shoot crossbow vs bow allows you to get 3 shots with bow before you can get 1 shot off with crossbow, so stone arrows 10-20 x 3 is 30-60 dmg and yet crossbow bolt 30-40 in the same amount of time.

    3. power attacks take to long to use 2 - 3 basic attacks can be used in the same amount of time plus you can get your shield up quicker to block using base attacks.

    4. wolves knock down to much, I went out and fought 5 wolves and as a comparison 5 bears all with no shield the wolves knocked me down far more often than the bears. which should not be the case.

    5. swords, and daggers should use less stamina to swing vs axes and clubs, the weight of the axes and clubs should cause you to exert more energy per swing.

    I would like to see a couple servers that are alignment based pvp. Good, neutral, evil.


    so you have an alignment bar goes from -5000 to 0 to +5000, neutral is from -999 to +999 evil is from -5000 to -1000, good is from +1000 to +5000.

    everyone starts at 0 (neutral) while neutral you cannot attack other players or their houses nor can you or your house be attacked, but wait how do you get out of the neutral alignment? To become evil you have to attack npcs in cities guards, merchants and such. To work toward good you help repair others houses. or donate to a beggar.

    Once you reach -1000 you can now attack other non-neutral players, once you reach -1500 you can break into non-neutral player houses when you reach -2000 you automatically get a bounty on your head that any non-neutral player can claim by killing you. as you become more evil the price on your head goes up but once you reach -5000 you are permanently evil and no matter what good you do you will not move toward good.

    Once you reach +1000 you can now attack and be attacked by non-neutral players. If you choose break into non-neutral player houses but this will give you negative alignment, once you reach +2000 you can become a bounty hunter (you will get notified of players with bounties on their heads) when you reach +4000 you will get notified when towns become under attack. At +5000 you gain champion of good status and town folk recognize that may give discounts for goods ext, however since no one is perfect you can not become locked at +5000 permanently good.

    now into how to loose alignment points, this is pretty simple do damage to houses, npcs or good players you get -1 alignment for each point of damage, killing an npc or player gets you a -100 on top of the damage done. Stealing another players items from house gets you -50 alignment stealing from towns -25 alignment.

    now how gain alignment points, repairing structures that are not yours +1 point for each point of damage repaired, killing evil players +1 point for each point of damage done and +100 bonus on kill, Killing certain creatures i.e ware-wolfs +50 points, returning towns stolen items +x points.

    Stolen Goods- now everyone like stealing stuff in games and selling it to make easy money I think here if you sell stolen goods you only get 1/3 of its value and you should not be able to sacrifice stolen goods.

    So this server will be pve/pvp because if you stay neutral you do not have to worry about attacks from other players, however becoming good or evil will hove its own rewards.