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    Honestly this is a great game I am addicted to it, However since the wipe there have been good and bad things in game.

    Lag is better in the southern starter areas but worse everywhere else. Some towns do not load in until you are already in them. Some towns you can barely move in.

    Map looks better with less half built buildings but the detail in view distance seems to be less than before wipe.

    Not falling through stairs or floor anymore and also getting in and out of doors easier.

    Combat desync is worse than before the wipe. defiantly noticeable on bears and wolves ( make killing blow and wait 1-3 seconds before it dies)

    Werewolves and trolls are easier to defeat now because of bug (get right up against them and they cannot hit you)

    Character Freezing mid combat not only still happening but now its not just happening when fighting against the Drauger but happening when fighting anything.

    Less servers oh and less people on the servers now too.

    Trees reappear but cant harvest them for 30 minutes or more and sometimes even have to log out and back in to harvest them again..

    I have not tried pvp combat since the wipe but I have seen others try and ultimately fail because of desync.

    IMO was the wipe worth it? I dont know yes it is nice to see less half built buildings but those will be back as people come and go, It is nice not falling through the stairs anymore and getting in and out of doors but that is all that the patch / wipe really fixed everything else has gotten worse. If I forgot anything or if someone else noticed something let me know.

    So recently I have been getting several German ,French and Russian viewers in my chat as I stream Valnir Rok. They have been asking me questions about the game but they is a problem I only speak English, So it is extremely difficult for me to answer them, I found a few other streamers one being German and he had viewers show up speaking English and neither of them could understand each other. So I had an Idea to try and start a stream team of sorts and try to get a list together of streamers with what languages they speak the times of day they stream (with times zone) and links to their streams. This way if we get someone we can't communicate with we can send them to someone who can. If your are in one of the other forums or can translate this into another language PLEASE do. Here is my stream info English 6:30 am - 11:00 am CST Monday- Friday

    This morning i decided to see how easy it was to break into peoples houses, ( I had a friend build the houses to break into, because I am a nice guy and stealing is bad mmkay)

    During this test I used NO exploits or bugs,

    I broke 4 of each of the following items, workbench, wood wall, wood door, wood door frame and storage chests. ( i will be doing clay and stone at a later day)

    I timed each as well as only used the reinforced ax and watching its durability on each item always starting with new reinforced axes.

    I also did not use any berserker potions (they will speed up the process but need multiple of them and their resources add up quick.

    Wood walls and doors took on average 10 minutes to break with reinforced ax and cost half durability on the ax

    Storage chest 7 minutes and 1/3rd durability of reinforced ax

    Door frame took 9 minutes and between 1/3 and a half of the durability (closer to half the durability)

    Now this surprised me

    Workbench 40 minutes and broke 2 reinforced ax and and almost a 3rd ( I do not know if i was missing them a lot or what)

    I will be testing in the future different weapons on these same things as well as testing stone, clay and furnaces. but after spending over 5 hours testing these I needed a break. I did not think it would take as long as it did.

    Disclaimer the items and info relating to them is current for Patch Version any future updates may change things.


    Cooked mushrooms 10 hunger

    Fried meat 20 hunger

    white mushroom 5% hunger

    apple 5% hunger

    egg nothing

    cheese 8% hunger

    bread 10% hunger

    Carrot 5% hunger

    Honey 5% hunger


    berry 3% hunger and 3% thirts


    Soup 25% thirst

    drink horn 40 thirst

    beer 40 % thirst

    cider 25% thirst

    mead 30% thirst

    drinking tube 30% thirst

    drink from lake, well, pond 100% thirst and refills drink containers

    First Aid

    Bandages 20 hp over time and stops bleeding

    Health potion 40 hp instantly

    Burn Times (added this section)

    1 Wood = 1 minutes 40 seconds

    1 Stick = 1 minute 40 seconds

    1 Wood can be turned into 4 sticks so do it to save on fuel costs.

    there are not many quest in the game atm. the main thing quest do right now is teach you how to do stuff. almost like a mini tutorial. if you just give it time there will be more.

    Would be cool in the future for people to build huge houses and have like 10 people race breaking through it to get to the prize chest hidden inside, and on the pvp servers not only a race but a no holds bar kill the others to ensure the prize is yours. I think this is more or less something players can put on and control but would need help from the devs to make it a reality.

    1) yes pve cant destroy buildings but you can build mazes with palacaid walls.

    2) devs can make these types of events on the job board so people can sign up or even pay entree fee set by event host.

    3) add the ability to not tame but capture beasts to put in house or maze to make it even harder.

    Some clan mates and I found a bug that causes lag not only for us but others in the area. While reproducing this bug we decided to try and see how bad we could get the lag and crashed the server we were on, it came back up fairly fast we asked if others got disconnected and they had, we thought it might be a fluke so we tried it again and got the same results. I do not want to post how to produce this bug because I feel people can abuse it, However i want to bring it to the developers Asap to get it fixed. So please any developer or mod pm me and i will tell you how to do it.

    Welcome to Valnir Rok,

    I have been playing the game for a little over a week and have 107 hours logged so i figured it was time for me to help new players with stuff i have learned.

    When you first log into the game in the chat box you will see a discord link, take note and join that discord channel you do not need to be in it talking or in any of the channels. You will need this if you ever run into problems i.e get disconnected and cant get back into the game.

    Pick marigolds often if you are ever poisoned these heal poison, and eight marigolds and a drink horn make a health potion which comes in real handy.

    Join a clan even if you want to be a hermit many this in this game are almost if not impossible to do/ kill alone.

    Capslock is local voice chat.

    DO NOT block caves or npc houses, not only is this a dick move that pisses people off it can get you in trouble.

    Learn the map it helps others find you if you know where you or they are.

    Do not drink from the ocean ever.

    If you need gear but dont want to make it run around and loot npc towns gear and food can be found in bags crates chests on tables and shield can be leaning against walls.

    If you need help ask in chat this game by far has one of the best communities i have seen in a game. (I am not saying there are not trolls)

    Do not attempt to solo kill werewolves, trolls or draugers until you reach an armor rating of 90

    ATM bows are better than crossbows shoot a whole lot faster equals more dps.

    Eggs + Cheese + mushrooms + bread = sandwich

    The game is early alpha so there are bugs, Most of these bugs can be fixed by relogging.

    If you have the armor bug where it wont let you equip armor from your inventory go to a crate you own put armor in it then drag it onto your character

    If you have the bug that wont let you drop certain items place them in a crate

    If you want to dye an item and it will not let you (its a found item or has been colored already) try disassembling it then try to dye it.

    Carry a lot of bandages, arrows, and health potions.

    Best items in the game atm.

    Goggle Helm Armor 20

    Any chest piece with armor 40

    Common pants armor 7

    Armored or common boots armor 10

    Common gloves armor 3

    Vambraces armor 10

    Common round shield

    Dbl sided Axe dmg 35-55 Or Silver sword 35-55 (hurt mystic creatures more)

    * I dont know about gold weapons on my server someone Blocked the gold mine)

    Reinforced axe (harvesting only) does not break as often as other axes or tools and give max of primary resource

    Silver Arrows 25-35 dmg

    Common short bow 21- 35 dmg.