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    The original post has the server and the name is Hob. And I messaged that to you about 3 hours ago

    yah, I tried /stuck already, it got me where I am. Now it won't get me back out.

    I was stuck because I fell down between a wall and some building. I used the stuck command and it moved me to a random location on the beach in someone's house. It's a PVE server so I can't open the door and I can't cut my way out. I'm on NA PVE server 28

    Repairing items -- Cost 1 of each of the base materials to perform. Damage level doesn't matter. Very efficient

    Build structures out of wood -- learn the mechanics with easy to get materials

    Loot -- check everything, even if it seems empty it may have money and looting a chain shirt is way faster than mining 300 iron

    Craft -- you can craft on the move, be making thread/cloth/bandages all the time

    Disassembly -- Figure out what items can be disassembled/crafted into lower weight items

    Crafting -- you can run stations simultaneously

    Marigold -- Cures poison, makes HP pots Marigold is the vegetation of the future!

    Combat -- have a shield, hold RMB to block, keep food/water above 90% to regenerate health quickly, bandage if you start to bleed, attack after you block

    Gear -- a lot of stuff can be found in abandoned villages. Reinforced axe is the go to item for harvesting, and is a decent combat weapon.

    Carrying stuff -- make a leather backpack and leather bag. The backpack requires a table

    Hunting -- Make a bow (sticks, thread, leather straps) at a crafting table. Arrows are easy. Don't chase rabbits!

    Wolves -- My nemesis. Don't run around naked. See my combat tip

    Armor -- max armor is 90 atm. See gear tip. Max armor is chain/heavy chest, armored boots, goggled helm, gloves, vambraces.

    • It would be nice to have an info box on what you will get for disassembling items
    • Some stuff can't be disassembled and probably should be:
      • Steel knives (steel or iron bars)
      • Torches (sticks)

    • Strange disassembly results
      • Common Round shields cost iron/wood/leather straps to make but disassembles to 1 stick

    • Colored items give base uncolored item, which makes bleach redundant

    I think the number of animals is not as much of the problem as the sound is. There needs to be a lot of work on sound localization. Right now animals sound like they're right over your shoulder grunting when they're really far enough away that you should not hear them at all. The WORST is lumberjacking. Someone is harvesting wood 100m+ away and it sounds like that tree is coming down right on top of you.