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    And here again (this is from the official Discord)

    Here's the thing to do:
    - Open your file explorer then type %AppData% in the address line - Go (back) to AppData\LocalLow\Encurio GmbH\Valnir Rok - Open the file User.Config.json with notepad/editor (not with "Word"!)
    - Use Ctrl+F for search function and type: "distance"
    - Look for a part like: "$type": "ConfigBoolValue, Assembly-CSharp", "Value": true, "ID": "UseAutoDistance", "Type": "ConfigBoolValue"
    - Change the value "true" to "false"
    - Look out for the next two paragraphs "DetailTerrainDistance" and "ObjectStreamDistance"
    - Change both values '100.0' to a lower value () < do not use a "," instead of the dot.
    - Ctrl+S to save the changes.
    - Start the game and hopefully have fun. :)

    This should work, but some mentioned that you have to put the InGamegraphicsettings to minimum or at least lower than normal, but then it should work fine