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    The snow is a recent addition, I assume because of the winter event and probably also as a test for a weather/season system. They went a bit overboard with the snow... it would look better if the grass/vegetation was withered and yellow/brown in colour instead of just making the texture white.

    The graphics aren't terrible but not great either, so expect no Skyrim/Witcher 3 or even Conan Exiles. But as it is still pre-alpha or early alpha stage, I expect many things to get an eventual overhaul.

    That feature is not implemented yet, it's still being worked on as far as I know. The game is in pre-alpha right now and with the dev team being small, implementing features takes time.

    You can't remove the decay rate from official servers without running into lots of problems unfortunately. On PvE servers, where you can't damage structures placed by other players, the landscape would be filled with abandoned structures, it would be possible to lock players out of their houses, etc.

    Even on PvP servers it would be problematic, since not everyone can tear down buildings and even if they can it takes a lot of time.

    I am, however, absolutely in favor of allowing server admins of private servers to remove decay. I'm also in favor of limiting decay to foundations and placeables placed without a foundation underneath (so a wall wouldn't decay while a palisade/fence would).

    My radical idea stands, stop thinking placed objects need to decay, they don't it is a false economy that uses vast amounts of server power.

    Decay is a needed feature at least on PvE servers. However, I still think it would suffice to limit decay to foundations and placeables that aren't on foundations. It would also solve many problems people have with building pieces that can't be reached for repairs.

    Valnir Rok is currently in pre-alpha state, meaning not all systems are yet in place and those that are in place aren't finalized. RP is certainly possible, after all it takes only a few like-minded people and imagination to roleplay, although the game currently lacks many RP features.

    The building system is comparable to Conan Exiles, however it still lacks many of CE's options.
    VR is also pretty light on actual survival mechanics, which may be intentional.

    For me it's still fun, although it lacks the depth of Life is Feudal but your mileage may vary.

    Maybe even disable decay for chests placed inside structures/houses, since they are destroyed when the foundation is destroyed/completely decayed.

    Almost everything I wanted to post as well :)

    In addition:

    Walls with half the height

    Carved beams to place as frontal ending pieces for roofs (including the twin horse carving end piece that is shown in the title screen)

    Wicker fences

    Edit: Various items that exist in NPC villages/towns should be relatively easy to add, e.g. tanning/drying rack, benches, barrels, crates, sacks

    Deutsche Version:


    Halbhohe Wände

    Beschnitzte Endbalken als Abschluß von Dächern (inklusive des Zwillingspferdemotifs als Giebelabschluss wie im Titelbildschirm zu sehen)


    Edit: Verschiedene Dinge die in NSC Dörfern/Städten zu sehen sind sollten relativ einfach machbar sein, z.B. Trockenrahmen, Bänke, Fässer, Kisten, Säcke

    7: a discovery system for the recipes you have learned already so you don't have to try and remember every recipe....once you build will save the recipe for future use.

    That's already the case, you can select the recipe once it's discovered and craft the item directly as long as you have sufficient resources in your inventory/workbench.

    I like the idea, it reminds me Star Wars Galaxies (pre-NGE) where going overt Rebel/Imperial would flag a player for PvP, but a neutral player was safe unless he flagged himself.

    While I'd still play on a pure PvE server, I think it's an interesting concept.