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    Maybe even disable decay for chests placed inside structures/houses, since they are destroyed when the foundation is destroyed/completely decayed.

    I agree ..I have a couple simple wood boxes in my garage that I built out of scrap 40 years ago, Except for a loose hinge on one they are in the same condition they were in back then. If left outside that may not have been the case.

    I think that decay on the simple chests could be lengthened a bit.

    I built three structures right after the wipe/update ..all of stone and furnished them, then I took a vacation for 8 days. Upon my return I find that the chests in the first structure I built had decayed and everything in them was lost.

    I understand that these chests are supposed to be the basic ones and that we will be able to build better ones later on but I still think that this decay period is much too short and could be doubled.

    With the updated crafting, new players will only be able to build these simple ones at the start and may be somewhat put off from the game if they lose everything simply because real life didn't allow them to maintain them for a week.

    I also don't quite understand why the contents of the chest would be lost. I had crafted steel weapons in one of them ..surely they would have lasted longer than the chest.

    Every day after first login of the day I have to reset my coat of arms. It will stay the rest of the day after that.

    This was happening before last patch as well but after a couple days it stayed put. This time it has not as yet.

    I'm getting increased lag spikes when different environment loads. Some, (like getting close to Grything and having the music start) can be kind of long.

    I have also had to relog more than a few times due to what seems like a memory leak. Usually indicated by no longer being able to target trees.

    win 10 pro

    Intel i7-4770

    16g ram

    Gforce 1050 i

    Thank you, can't wait to try it out.

    What I was really looking for was some pre-warning if this was not also going to be a character wipe. If that were the case I was planning on going around to my bases and gathering up what I wanted to keep.

    The sentiment still hold though. In the future it would be nice to know this kind of information "officially" in advance of the day it actually happens.

    I'm not sure what the numbers are, but I imagine many people looking for official news on the game would come here to find it.

    Now I don't necessarily follow third party sites like reddit, twitter, facebook, etc ..nor do I look to a chat program hoping to catch a snippet of a conversation related to the news I'm looking for. (Discord) I will occasionally look to the steam discussions though. But mostly I look to the official site to find official news.

    It is still very early in this games development so you still have time to remedy the lack of official news coming across this site.

    My imputes behind this post is the upcoming wipe. People have laid off testing this game for over a week now due to some unofficial word that it was supposed to happen yesterday. To date there has been no official word one way or another ..just a snippet of a conversation passed on from discord stating that it has been delayed further.

    I can't speak for others but I would like some official word on when it will happen and exactly what it will entail.

    thank you.

    While I don't fully understand your decision to not allow us to repair rare looted weapons, I can live with it. Although, I would like to see the durability increased somewhat. I looted a longsword yesterday and found that only a few hours of defending against wolves and bears reduced it by half.

    I'd like to suggest that each Jarl retain an NPC master craftsman that would repair these items for a price ;)

    I'm curious, as the critter and resource spawn locations change every day, do the artifact locations change every day as well. Or do they stay in place till someone finds it?

    My main house by Grything has had cows and sheep wandering thru it since well before the patch. I'm just not so sure the critters recognize structures as being something they can't pass thru.

    Right now, while it may be a pain in the butt, it's not a serious issue. Later if they want to make animal breeding a thing, the critters will have to recognize a fence at least.

    Normally this hasn't been an issue but I just built a small house as a base up near Svell and just had a wolf attack me in my stone house with it's iron-shod door closed

    Although I've never seen this issue addressed, I assume it's known. I'm just hoping it gets fixed at some point ;)

    If you switch weapons while your inventory is full your previous weapon has no room in inventory to relocate there and simply disappears.

    I submitted a bug report a few minutes ago titled "Reinforced Axe Disappears" that time I hadn't figured out that it was the full inventory causing it so if you could update the devs with that info it would be appreciated.


    I will add the fireplace to this.

    What I mean by "wont rotate" is that I can't get them to face the wall so they can be placed and attempting to rotate with the mouse wheel does nothing.