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    Maybe some time? You gotta push this idea, it would give a real Viking experience! But of course I cannot tell you what to do! lol! But still something to think about!.

    Hey guys!

    I am a new player to Valnir Rok and I must say that I thought the medieval multiplayer genre was on a down hill trek! But wow you guys have shown me the light at the end of the dark tunnel. One thing I would like to see though in Valnir Rok is farming and animal husbandry, domesticating animals! After one builds his/her house, there really isn't much besides do some neat little quests. So I think this would be a good addition so it gives players something to do besides cut down trees, mine ore, dig clay or forge stuff. It would be interactive all the time rather a one time thing like building my giant house.

    Thanks Everyone!

    Ryan Thurman