Posts by Iiylsa

    For starters, let me say; I absolutely adore this game. So friggin' much. It is a ton of fun - if I ever get bored of anything there's always something else for me to do!

    • Obviously, AI improvement. This is very much being worked on but I just thought I'd say it for the sake of saying it! I've noticed that sometimes animals just sort of stand there for a hot minute before they react to anything.
      • Second on this.. I've noticed goats have a ton of hitpoints compared to.. literally anything.. I kill wolves easier than I kill goats.
    • Of course the usual - more customization. Not only hairstyles, warpaint, voices, etc. But more common clothing variety might be nice - like a few farming or mining, woodcutting or hunting outfits. If you'd like, maybe make them provide a +1 bonus to whatever you're gathering. It would also be nice to have more decoration available, more clutter for your homes. :) Plants would be lovely.. give me a reason to use all that darn Marigold I've got!
    • Not that I mind - I understand that there is a lot to pick up and whatnot and I'm sure this has been tested before and there's a reason it's like this - but I feel like I shouldn't be able to carry hundreds and hundreds of wheat, flowers, sticks, etc. I was carrying 546 Wheat at one point tonight - among 75~100 of Woodruff, Marigold, and others. But 20 logs makes me over encumbered.. :)
    • A sorting option for the inventory would be great. It can get extremely cluttered and it's difficult to see things sometimes.
    • Different variety in containers - I'd love some of the loot containers that you find around villages such as the barrels and different chests to become available to play.
    • Being able to put things such as rugs, carpets, etc underneath beds/tables/etc.
    • Perhaps a kitchen or cooking pot of sorts or different types of buildable campfires. I find the current one to be quite big and bulky - yet I very much enjoy the ones with the pots/cauldrons above them in the homes.
    • Would absolutely love window coverings - either slates or curtains, wood panels, etc. Just so people can't really see into the home unless you have it open! Better privacy without needing to sacrifice windows in general. :)
    • The ability to give people permissions, or change permissions would be greatly appreciated as well. When you make a clan, everything you own is automatically able to be accessed by your clan. While I trust my friends, it would be nice to have a chest or even building that is still just my own - that they cannot access. Similarly, if I want to be able to share a workbench with a random player - it would be nice to be able to select them or add them to a list for that item. :)
    • I love the banners - I wish there were a couple freestanding ones! Smaller ones, larger ones, etc. Maybe even "banner" rugs that have your clan sigil on it.
    • Being able to craft what you can from the workbench that you can from your own inventory - I find it a bit odd that I can't craft basic recipes from the workbench! I have to go back out into my inventory to craft them. :(
    • And lastly, something that is definitely coming and I can't wait for - Horses! I'm only putting this here because I am so excited for horses, and the ability to tame animals (which I also hope is coming) such as sheep, cows, etc, to have your own little farm. When horses do come, I am very excited to see various mounts such as wagons, etc, that will allow us to transport goods. :)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make such a great, fun and indepth game. I am absolutely enjoying myself!