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    Hi what type of weapon could do that sorta damage the way its destroyed seems unlikely seeing that roofs were gone on some houses and they wouldny of been able to reach them seems strange to me.

    I logged off and a couple of hours later after the patch i logged back on and half of my city was gone buildings gone this isnt the first time yesterday i logged on to and part of my house was gone but later but after a couple of mins it was fixed but this time it hasnt fixed it self.

    Hi the server crashed and now i cant rejoin it says im already joined to server i restarted steam and still nothing.

    Hi Kaphalor the game is great my mates and i love it we are playing on a US server the ping is fine at the start but once u get moving and running in woods and around people it jumps us around any time on when we will end up geting a AUS server thanks.

    All my clan intends on getting it when it comes out and we are all from Aus and newzealand and theres around 60 of us we are ok with playing on US servers until the time comes where a Aus server is released.

    I think that would be a great idea as well myself and my gaming clan will be getting this when it comes out and we all think sailing would be great aswell as islands to call home where we get to raid the main land and be safe on a island we will call ours.<3:love:

    Hi will there be Australian servers at launch as Myself and a group of around 60 people are planing on getting it when it comes :?: