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    God Dag Vikings!

    Finally we are able to provide you some News about the upcoming update and the already half-announced Server wipe.

    We had some issues with a 3rd-party Plugin which we are using for the housing in-game. Within this Plugin there was a bug which caused some major issues and finally we got an update for it.

    Unfortunately the new version is not compatible at all to the existing one, so we have to wipe all the servers.

    The good part is, that we could solve the issues with the housing and with the wipe, we are able to restructure the servers!

    New server structures

    • 5x EU PVP Server (DE)
    • 5x EU PVE Server (DE)
    • 5x EU PVP Server (EN)
    • 5x EU PVE Server (EN)
    • 2x EU PVP Server (FR)
    • 1x EU PVP Server (PL)
    • 1x EU PVP Server (IT)
    • 1x EU PVP Server (ES)
    • 4x NA PVP Server (EN)
    • 4x NA PVE Server (EN)
    • 2x NA PVP Server (ES)
    • 2x NA PVE Server (ES)

    The Russian, Latin American and Asian server will stay the same.

    At the moment we don't have any further information about OCE Servers, it's still in consideration.

    When will it happen?

    The update will be published at midnight (CET)/4 pm (PST).

    As soon as Steam recognized it, the servers will start to pull the update and install it automatically.

    So it might take some time until all the servers are updated and wiped.

    We are really sorry that we have to wipe the servers.

    We tried a lot of scenarios, but there is nothing we can change on it, since the systems are just not compatible.

    What's next?

    We are still having some issues regarding desyncs in combats.

    But we already found the reason for and will push a fix with the next patch.


    Valnir Rok Team

    God Dag Vikings!

    Unfortunately we still have no fix for the issue, but we changed our backup routine and now every hour a backup will be created.
    If the server is experiencing again some issues with the externally developed Module, we can restore a shorter time frame.

    Stay tuned!

    Your Valnir Rok Team

    God Dag!

    We are experiencing some issues with an external developed Model for the structures.

    Our developers are working together with our external Partner to solve the issue as fast as possible.

    As soon as we have more information about it, we will keep you updated.

    Your Valnir Rok Team


    - NPC: Nerfed wolves a bit - slightly lower damage and less often knock over players (33% Chance instead of 50%)
    - UI: Added a notification for the spawn protection (still needs localization)
    - UI: Blacklist available in the options menu
    - UI: Added improved error logging during login process
    - UI: Improved responsiveness and sounds of the UI

    - NPC: Reduced animal population by 25%, this includees wolves
    - GM: Gamemaster command: /mute "Name" and /unmute "Name". A muted player is blocked in sending voice or chatmessages. Please use this wisely.
    - Server: Added auto add column command when server is starting up for blacklist column - UI: Renamed some iron and steel items

    - NPC: Added missing attributes for NPCs
    - UI: Modified the character name filter to prevent apostrophes from being used since it breaks the server
    - UI: Preventing the chat window from receiving focus when pressing tab.
    - Quests: A dialogue in the Quest Post Apokalypse can now be closed when pressing ,,Bye!"
    - Housing: Added a ground check condition to fences, so it gets removed when foundation underneath gets removed
    - Housing: Palisade should be placable again
    - Housing: Added a dinstance to plot condition to well and palisade with radius of 1.5 meters. so it can't be used to block entrances
    - Housing: Fixed placingproblem with ceilings and foundations near wells
    - Housing: Wells can now be destroyed again
    - Housing: Clan banner should be destroyable again


    - The global chat works again!
    - The serverlist now works as intended and won't redirect players to wrong servers anymore
    - Ban and Kick commands should now work again - Players won't join the wrong servers anymore. Favorites should now work, too.

    - Improved npc stability!

    - New login method. A website account isn't needed anymore to play the game it will now be authenticated via steam (this is a massive change and might break stuff we need to fix in the next days till it it is tested correctly) - Guards will a bit attack slower
    - Weak weapons can no longer damage buildings
    - Harvesting no longer uses stamina
    - Added handling of internet connection availability to main menu - Changed howling of wolves quests
    - MMB is now used to display player names and Alt instead to orbit camera around player
    - Changed some droprates, updated weapon damages
    - Player will now get disconnected after idling a max idle time set by the server
    - Characters can now only have one name till we found a solution for the chat commands!
    - Guards should unsheath their weapon when getting attacked with fists
    - Shy animals like rabbits, stags and chicken do not flee from other npcs anymore since aggressive npcs like wolves currently do not hunt other animals
    - Deactivated dark magic rises quest nad Replaced it with coming soon

    - Performance optimization world loading (less ressources)
    - Improved handling of context menu when interacting with structures.
    - Player will now get disconnected after idling a max idle time set by the server
    - Better performance at NPC activation on server
    - Added split and split one function to context menu when right-clicking an item
    - Tweaked some quests and quest texts
    - Added hint to startquest about revenge
    - Added more wood sticks on beaches, changed some terrain settings
    - Added kick & ban command for GMs
    - Added blacklist for character names
    - Lots of localization mprovements(bearbeitet)

    - Minor corrections on beach
    - Faster loading for buildings (experimental)
    - Mute chat and voicechat of Players with /ignore "Name" and undo this with /unignore "Name" (currently not saving data when logging out)
    - Reactivate navigation-script for npcs when needed
    - Added missing attribute to elven witch
    - Flying stuff in Aegas Ael
    - Elven Wall Collider
    - Players cannot interact with chests anymore if they closed the inventory window (for example transfer objects to it from distance)
    - Some NPC attacks are no longer unblockable
    - Fixed some weapon un-/equip synchronisation issues
    - Blood splatter overlay no longer appears when successfully blocking attacks
    - Added nullpointer check to prevent stuck icons on screen!
    - Changed localization to UTF-8, corrected some localizations
    - Player should now get kicked from game if internet connection is not available
    - Dragging items to quickslots from loot will now auotmatically put them in the players inventory, too
    - The game will now restart when not started through steam (some refactoring of login system, too)
    - Many changes to localization
    - Cannot duplicate items anymore when crafting and logging out - Housing deer horn now craftable- Some prevention to hopefully avoid AI-freeze

    - Removed glitching LODs from wardrobe and chair
    - Pillar placing on top of each other
    - Some more placing issue near citys
    - Added missing water module
    - Fixed some settings in Atmosphere and Global Scene - Added security check that prevents the ui from crashing if some image effects on the camera are missing. - Lots of fixes to world - Npc disable procedure
    - Fixed wrong high ping display directly after login
    - Elven and dwarven guards should be able to attack again
    - Players get full health and stamina pool back when retribution is below 75%
    - Reworked idle disconnect notification, is now a fullscreen notification and counts down time if 2 minutes left before disconnect
    - Added missing translations for notifications

    • Fix: Harvesting tree and rocks should no longer randomly cancel anymore
    • Fix: Weird behavior of melee attack when spamming melee attacks should be gone
    • Fix: Player no longer continues jumping if UI is focused directly after a jump
    • Updated Recipes