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    Hello Rotax. :)
    Regarding leveling up, (thank's to The Purifier, for this advice):
    Cut lots of Wood and make Wood Sticks and from those Wood Sticks create Sharpened Sticks.
    As long as you are under lvl 30, the levels will go up pretty fast.
    Just keep an eye on those, so you will not be overloaded..
    I believe you should be able to have around 250 Wood, in your inventory so they will not be wasted, since you are getting 4 Wood Sticks from each Wood. :)
    It is working for me and I am lvl 50 now. And yes, it took around 3 to 4 month to get there. :)

    With the Dragon Slayer Sword, I can't find it either.
    It might come up in the Ability Tree, Grandmaster Tier 4, under Forger, but not sure, since I don't have anything in Grandmaster yet?
    Not even sure it is in the recipe yet? :)

    Hello doglawur. :)
    You can have as many tents up, as you wish.. Though they will decay quite fast.
    And if too near a town or other buildings, you may need to go a bit further away to set down you tent.
    If you have a bed inside your tent, you should be able to see it on the map, when you die, and you can pick where you want to spawn. :)

    Hello doglawur. :)
    If it is not an alter problem and you are not affected by anything else, then I have no clue why you are experiencing this..
    I have never had that and I haven't heard of other players, who are experiencing the same as you. :(
    Can you please report it in-game? There is an option where you can do so?
    Good luck with this, I hope it can be solved for you. :)

    Hello doglawur. :)
    Are you sure you are not affected by corruption? If you are too near an alter, then what you are explaining could be the reason?
    Look at the Action, in-game, to see if you are affected by something, like corruption?
    If it is corruption, then you'll need to sacrifice faction shards to the alter.
    Must admit, it is not always it is working. so if the alter is the reason, then tear down your alter and move it more away from your base.
    Og stay in your base and die. Many times, when you'll get back, the affect will be gone. :)
    Good luck with this. :)
    PS: If it is not an alter too near, please explain a little more? :)