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    Oh yeah, my settings are fine, all in English. This is the only thing I get that I can't understand what it is, and I only get it when I sacrifice and item to whatever God is on the altar. I Googled it and it came up as Icelandic, and saying something with 'aye to the value of the gift' and then the last part was the same as the image shows, which I'm sure could not be translated.

    When I have an artifact upon my Altar I offer it food, drink and clothing. When I do this it's giving me some sort of text across the top of my screen. I'm not certain if this is in German or not, but can anyone tell me what it is saying? Also, are there any plans to show this verbiage in English in the future? Thanks again! :)

    I love both of these suggestions and can agree that they would be a major help, especially for people that work 40+ hours a week. Not to mention those that like to play solo.

    Reporting another login issue, "The Server has recognized a server-version mismatch" and will not allow log on. Can not reach game to report an in-game problem. Thanks!

    Yeah, that's what I thought, at least that's all I had to do to get it past the first level. I don't know what else to try at this point, and the game is so darn laggy it locks up and freezes as soon as I get next to the totem anyway.

    I added a bunch of armor I crafted until the yellow bar stopped going higher. Once that happen the button that says UPGRADE became available and when I click on it it's showing No_Res on my screen ans won't allow it to upgrade. I'm also sure I have the correct mats it is wanting me to sacrifice. I don't want to keep having to drag all my silver, ore and wood just to keep checking it, I'll run out quick. That's why I asked if I had to drag the mats to the sacrifice box or just have them in my backpack. The yellow bar will not go any higher also.

    Thank you for your quick response, Nosssi. I'm still not getting mine to accept my Level 2 offering of the wood, ore and silver, so I put in an in-game ticket. Let me make sure however that all I need to make sure of is that I have the correct offering items in my backpack, right? I don't need to drop and drag the items into the sacrifice box? Because I did try that as well, and all it did was eat my mats and didn't level it.

    Just built a totem for stopping decay and got it up to the 2nd level. The button for 'UPGRADE' is now clickable, and I have the 70 Wood, 80 Iron and 10 Silver in my bag but it's not letting me click UPGRADE. It keeps saying No_Res and I know they are all in my bag. Is this a new bug? I was able to get this upgraded on another server.