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    Just came back to have another look at the game, gets better each time, quests are meaningful and the combat system is much smoother, but without horses travelling is an absolute pain. Any chance of reactivating the horse vendors please?

    Hi, having tried out the new totem and upgraded it, its great not to have our buildings decay constantly and does promote building bigger structures (we now have a rocking stone castle with towers, gatehouse and keep). I was wondering if the devs would consider changing the thresholds for the upgrade levels. For smaller clans (we have 3 of us) with large building aspirations, the 24 hour protection makes it kinda like having a job to stay on top of. My understanding is decay is there to stop people from staking claim to territory then not playing, so perhaps the three tiers could be 24, 48 and 72 hours. Its unlikely that someone would be logging in every three days just to rob others of the chance of territory to build on, and would mean that to maintain your buildings you still have to be playing regularly. I would support a significant increase in the cost of getting back to 100% happiness to balance this.

    My other suggestion would be the idea of having a either the ability to build secondary totems (if you have bases spread over area then its a pain to ride all the way back to HQ or someone has to purely stay home to do the refresh) which have a common upgrade (ie its clanwide not for the individual totem) and allow you to reset the timer. Or maybe a smaller shrine item which you could place inside a building / on the ground that links to the totem and does the same - so people can have multiple places to do the reset from.


    My guild have been engaged in fortress building, the palisade wall isn't much fun, has no walkway and is damn ugly so we had used a single width of foundation with wall on the inner and outer side, with a ceiling as a wall walk. For the wooden version the wooden fence works as a reasonable crenellation / battlement edge substitute, but the small stone wall cannot be used in the same way. (can be placed directly on a foundation but not on top of a wall. Would it be possible in the short term to allow the use of small stone walls on top of any stone floor and / or in the long term to give a 1/3 height wall piece in wood and stone with a crenellation effect on the top to use for building fort type structures.

    Also for the same concept a two foundation width gateway, incorporating a small edge of foundation to connect onto the wall and an opening two door gate of a height equivalent to approx. one wall would be a great addition in the future to allow more fun / complex fortress type structures.

    Thanks in advance.

    Two questions;

    Firstly is it intended that when you die you lose the horse from your inventory?

    Second, is getting stuck under / inside the map or buildings, walls etc when dismounting too close a known issue?

    The base / fort building aspect of this game is great fun, however once of a reasonable size the upkeep is a nightmare. Could it be possible to have an item that can be put down (maybe the city pole) which for a fixed area, repairs all clan / personal built structures. Either that or allow all structures which touch each other to form a larger entity for repair or destruction.