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    Hey, thanks for your feedback. First of all I have to tell you that by pressing your mouse wheel you can see the player name.

    The developers are currently working on many of the things you have listed.

    If you are not yet in the Discord, then you are welcome to bring this to the Discord and will get more information there sooner.

    We are currently working internally on a large content patch, which will generally be more heavily tested and will entail a lot of changes.

    We moderators are also always on the lookout for your topics and feedback as well as from you directly to the developers. (If not already in the voting list)

    I have two ways for you.

    First Step:

    Menu Issues
    If you are having trouble with the menu of the game the most likely culprit is a missing Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows. It enables applications built with a newer Windows SDK to run on older versions of the operating system.
    You can find the updates here, please try these and let us know if they solve the issues:…rsal-c-runtime-in-windows…indows-server-2008-r2-sp1

    Second Step:

    God Dag Vikings!

    We are currently hearing that there are some problems with ingame lags and performance issues.

    We need your help to find out the problem!

    Please send us the filled form with your output_log.txt file to: [email protected]

    The output_log. txt file can be found in your Valnir Rok Steam folder.


    Graphics card:
    Operating system:
    Ping on the server:
    Internet bandwidth/ping:

    In addition, a short description of when the lags/performance problems occur.

    Thank you for your cooperation, we will locate and fix the errors as soon as possible.

    Your Valnir Rok Team

    - Feature: Trading

    - Items: reduced droprate of masked tail helmets

    - Performance: overall experimental performance optimizations - Housing: destroying structures will now give the destroying player back 50% of the used resources! - Crafting: All recipes will be shown now again even if they are locked by an ability. The crafting ui will now display if they are blocked by an ability and by which one

    - Artifacts: player built altars will now save the artifact that has been placed in it and repossess them after server restart
    - Map: Fixed an error that caused altars to set a wrong position on the map
    - Graphics: config values will now have correct default values (grass rendering)
    - Combat: if the victim blocks and has zero stamina he should now receive damage again


    - System: added an unban command


    - Items: added colored masked helmets
    - NPC: wise woman looks old now, not young anymore


    - Artifacts: spawn time set to 900 seconds and optimized spawn system
    - Abilities: changed numbers in the ability profession tab to conform with the needed amount of ability points to unlock instead of the associated tier of the ability


    - UI: lots of 4K fixes (still experimental)
    - UI: fixes to ability tree
    - Chests: changed default permissions
    - NPCs: fix to frozen NPCs
    - Abilities: the Drudge should now correctly modify the maximum weight even with equipped backpacks or bags

    God Dag Viking!

    If you have any feedback and/or suggestions, this should of course find its way to the Devs. It would be advisable to keep a certain format and structure so that it is easier to read for the sake of clarity.

    The more precise your information (e. g. by pictures or video material etc.) the better the developers can imagine and possibly take over the whole idea.

    Try to express your wishes and suggestions as emotionlessly as possible: Sentences like "It would be suuuuuuuuper megaaaaaa great if you bring cute little animals into the game", this will stretch the topic unnecessarily in length and distract from the essentials.

    In addition, it is possible for you to edit your posts yourself, so you can "expand" your post with ideas instead of adding more answers, because this only makes sure that the content gets lost piece by piece. In the long run, no one will have the time to read each answer in detail.

    The moderators have their own list, which will be updated with your comments and topics to avoid repetitions.

    Take 5min maybe. Time to read through other topics to see for yourself if your feedback or suggestions have not already been mentioned, so you keep a little order in the forum.

    Your Valnir Rok Team

    God Dag Viking!

    In order for players or moderators to be able to offer you help or answer your questions in the best possible way, it is important that you ask the question as precisely as possible and also make sure that a certain degree of grammar and spelling makes the sentences sound understandable.

    Read through the other forums before posting and it can't hurt to use the forum search to see if there is a topic that answers your question. However, for the sake of clarity in the forum, please do not dig up posts that are already several months old!

    If you still haven't found a solution to your problem, create a new post with a meaningful title and a list of any solution steps you've already tried. If your problem is of a technical nature (installation, lags, etc.), just use the label[Tech].

    Your Valnir Rok Team

    Hey, apparently the post office is totally lost. You should write to Kaphalor or Ragnar Valnirsson for such a project, they can give you a streamer title for the forum, so that you can choose the right areas to advertise it. If you also use the Discord and the Steam Forum, you have the possibility to reach a wider audience.

    You can use the media area in the discord for this purpose, post from streams (from you) or report etc., everything that fits the topic. and that with the Streamer title in the forum you have to contact Kaphalor of Nitrado in the Discord. He has the conditions for this

    I already have this in the feedback list with inside, I will check later if I have a translation error. Of course, I can't say if and when such things come into play. But we moderators and developers welcome any feedback. So we thank you for yours.