Posts by Lewk

    The combat system is quite good. A few suggestions that might improve the experience:

    • Currently stamina is not a huge factor in the fight. Stamina regens so fast that it does not play a substantial role in fighting (blocking/swinging) or fleeing (sprinting away) as it regens almost instantly when not performing an action. Please consider having this regen more slowly for X amount of time after having been in combat to make stamina a resource to consider while fighting in both PvE and PvP.
    • Combos: The heavy attack 3 part combo is actually extremely fun to land. Please consider rewarding these types of combinations as opposed to just spamming slashing attacks. Maybe even something like a leap attack combo, or anything that adds a little more flavor/situational openers/reactionary attacks. This would include special attacks vs someone who is shielding, or special ways to block when someone is attacking us and we are shielding, etc.
    • Bows/Crossbows: Currently crossbows take a long time to reload as the offset to the higher base damage. Bows still feel superior in terms of being forgiving and raw dps output. Currently crossbows have to be reloaded every time you go out of combat (eg equip, go into combat, load crossbow, go out of combat, renter combat, crossbow must be reloaded even without having fired). Please consider allowing crossbows to be loaded and then ready to fire as soon as it is equipped. This could give it a unique advantage of having a bit of frontloaded damage.
    • Have different weapon types (thrust/slash/crush) deal +/- damage to different armor types (cloth/leather/chain), or even have 3 different types of armor at the high end (chain, studded, plated for example, all being made of steel, but each having a different +/- against certain weapons). Currently there is no incentive to use one weapon type over another outside of its raw damage range. I really like the 30-50 vs 25-55 trade offs. This would also add a depth of play where you can switch weapons based on the type of armor you see your enemy wearing. Currently the only thing to take into consideration are the total sums of +armor or +damage. This could also play a factor into choosing a weapon type when attacking structures (axes do + dmg to wood, hammers + dmg to stone, etc)
    • Stagger: I dont know if this is intentional or not but the stagger from being hit by multiple enemies (especially fast swinging enemies) is a bit too brutal. Perhaps reserve the stagger/stun from hits as a chance for fast swinging enemies, and have a higher chance the larger/slower the enemy is (eg bears would stagger almost everytime when swinging). '

    Overall the game is really solid and plays surprisingly smooth. There are of course the issues with latency/etc, but for the most part the combat has a very solid foundation. The more things you can do to create unique decision making in combat outside of block/spam attack , the more interesting and fun the game will become.

    Danke fuer euere Arbeit! Das Spiel ist schon super, ich freu mich auf der Zukunft!