Posts by King Of Essex

    Many thanks for removing the snow, this was a test on your part but it needed some corrections down the line, but it was a good try, perhaps next time it will be sorted, but I must say it did look good and made things harder to find.

    Graphics: Your effort to improve fog and the fog color now looks a lot better, you also say for improvement performance in framedrops in the crowded villages has changed, well I can tell you that it has changed quite alot, nothing like stopping in mid air with 3 NPS's behind you and you cant move for 2 seconds, I tried it and attacked them to see the difference and yes a great improvement.

    As for better FPS I am getting at the moment with all the settings set to MAX just over 61 Fps constant it dosent move much so I am happy there.

    So to top it all, a great effort well done team...

    To all the Devs and " background Team whome " we don't get to hear about, may I say what a wonderful product you have come up with.

    Yes it's another sandbox survival game But having had so many of these games, this one I have found the better to comprehend with, maybe it's my age and I am forgetting how to play games,

    anyway for me I like the way you have set out the quests and to fight the NPC'S and also you get to sandbox you own little village albeit the building structure's are not the same as how to build them from the game images, and you also get to level up in what ever field you choose.

    I can play this game and have so far every day 7 days a week and not get bored, for me to sit down and crank out the hours playing this, says something..:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Once again thank you and I look forward to the next of your latest updates and patches.

    PS: I have not seen the fire dragon yet as mentioned on the forums???:/