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    I have not tried it (nor am I on to try) but can cloth be disassembled into thread? If not - could that become a thing? I've found that so far an easier way to get cloth at least is to just raid NPC villages and disassemble the clothes found.

    I absolutely agree. You cannot technically be called vikings without ships. But more than just a simple vessel. Nothing with cannons and that sort, but allow us to hang our shields on it as well as store our goods, allow for a lot of seating and not just the kind where you walk up to the boat and press F/E and you're seated, allow people to climb aboard and find their own seats. Also allow a way for us to climb aboard from the water. But please.. no teleportation to board it.. actual climbing aboard mechanics and visuals.

    Yeah, my friend and I ultimately decided to find another game to play until they can fix this snow and texture issue. It is unplayable for us as we both get splitting headaches after a few minutes... also it doesn't seem to help that we suddenly both lost connection to the official server we were both on, then had a minor (under 50 MB) update through steam for the game... suddenly we're freezing up for a second about every 3-5 seconds. That in itself is a headache.

    We really want to enjoy the game so we decided to wait until these bugs here are fixed in order to not leave a bitter aftertaste. Mind you we're no stranger to bugs and issues with EA games, EA is really all we play and we will usually sink hundreds if not thousands of hours into incomplete titles - we just can't sink time into something that is physically giving us a headache.

    My only suggestion is to remove the snow system until they have a fix for it in place. If that and the freeze-ups can stop, we'll be happy to continue playing all other bugs included.

    By terrible graphics, I only meant that they are by no means as nice as they appeared in the gameplay trailers - however I do not consider graphics to be as important as playability, I was simply wondering if something was wrong with my rendering causing them to be less than up to par with the gameplay graphics.

    My friend and I just bought this game and we're just now playing.. and we are both getting a major headache from how white everything is. Is it just a lot of snow?

    The trees in the background and grass/bushes are solid bright white as well.

    We REALLY want to like this game but please tell me this blanket of white snow isn't everywhere? or at least how do we get rid of it, or how do we dim it?

    Also my graphics are set to MAXIMUM, why do the graphics look terrible? am I glitched? the trees looks very dull as do the plants and terrain.

    Please help!:!:

    Link to screenshot of problem: - at night