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    I found an unconventional workaround for now. If you jump in the water and swim you will no longer be in build mode and the cursor will no longer be stuck in the center of the screen when you go into the inventory so you can remove the item from the quick-slot.

    I have been having fun with the game so far, though it is a little glitchy around big towns. The only real non optimization bug I have come across so far is that while building my first house I built too many stairs. After placing the last set of stairs that I wanted to place there was no way to not place the rest of the stairs I had built. If I went into inventory or escape menu the mouse would be stuck in the center of the screen so I could not even log out of the game. There seems to be no way to not place all of the place-able items in the inventory once in hand. To test make 4 stairs and place two of the them, now how can one not place the last 2 stairs?