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    So a new year and some more suggestions for the CEO Sebastian and his tiny band of Developers. The work so far has been impressive.

    (1) Biggest bugbear for me is the speed at which recipes complete. So you've assembled the components of whatever your making and then wait for the programme to cycle. It's slow at best, could you please speed up the process. It's really noticeable when as a player you're trying to making tens or hundreds of something - seems to take forever. I am sure that making recipes instant, would stop much of the lag players get in game too.

    (2) The current incarnation of the Quests is better, but the addition of the Dragon Slaying and Mine Expedition should really be at the end of the 22 other quests. The beginning of the quests is still badly constructed, the idea is to teach new players that they need to build a Workbench as soon as possible and then often throughout the game (unless you bring in, 'picking up' workbenches). Building a chest is a pointless exercise. The next urgent quests should be building the Well and the Furnace. The Rabbits for the Master should be changed to simply 5 meat - any meat. The area of the quests should be free of Bears and Wolves, especially in the Grove of Hogre when you meet the Godit. The numbering of the quests is also totally deranged.

    (3) All the abilities should be available to everyone to attain, not simply cut off at 60 points. There is room for future abilities.

    (4) Inventories are still bleeding across into different inventories - your furnace is cooking, your first workbench is cooking, your second plus workbench is cooking, the campfire is cooking. You check on the progress or want to change something and you constantly get the readouts of the other items cooking and not the item you are actually looking at. I used to think it was the distance between items, so spreading out the furnace and workbench and campfire has proved to be useless. As i've experimented and have workbenches spread across the map and I still get the bleed of inventory readouts with hundreds of in game metres apart.

    (5) I've been playing on the private server; Crusty Old Gamers, it has a times 5 harvesting and times 2 experience increase over the official servers. The increase makes the game much more fun and I do wish the official servers would take the example given - rather than the grind it is currently.

    (6) The Altar; when you are a solo player, one altar is enough, but when you are in a clan, we should be allowed to build multiple Altars and at least one per God. The page that shows the sacrifice box should ideally come with a list of what each God likes to receive and what causes the corruption by the Gods.

    (7) I'm sure there must be a way for VR to capture Crash Reports and System Specs from players (Steam Valve recently took a capture of architecture only last week - so VR should have ability). So when a crash report is generated, VR should automatically be able to capture it? Perhaps it may need the players permission to send it, this could be overcome with a simple question on the Terms of Gameplay.

    (8) Grammatically incorrect statement; in the Furnace it says '...Once you did this you need fuel...' it should say 'Once you do this you need fuel...'

    (9) Spelling mistake; Leather Strips not Leather Stripes.

    (10) Spelling mistake; Steel Helmet not Steal Helmet.

    (11) Request a new building component to deal with hills and gradients, a foundation comprising of 2 units, one higher than the other, similar to a large step. See f12 screenshot;…iledetails/?id=1263583607

    This request has come about because there is nothing worse when building when you suddenly run out of foundation room because the site is on a slight gradient. What makes it worse is, the current ways of building leaves a gaping hole or gap between the walls. It's only eye candy, but we all strive for perfection.

    (12) Spelling mistake; Silver of the Dead not Silver of the Deads (in the quests).

    (13) Grammar mistake; On the quest description for the Silver of the Dead, it should say Karl Sigdan is looking for a Viking to enter the Silver Mines... Not '...who enters...'.

    (14) I suggest the order of the of the new quests be added to the end, not near the beginning, because players need to have a high ability to make armour and weapons to take on the Dragon (Wyvern) using a Werewolf Bow and the Silver of the Dead really relies on having berserker Potion and a Gold Sword to defeat the NPCs sufficient to obtain the required 10 silver ore. In an earlier request I asked for the Workbench to be the first item to be built by all players doing the quests. Having completed the quests several times now on different servers, the requirement to build the Workbench is the most important part in the game. Added to this, all the recipes in the personal inventory need to be duplicated or put in the Workbench recipes to simplify the whole crafting experience.

    (15) The quest - Talk to Karl Sigdan should show completion when the NPC says 'I have nothing for you', not remain on screen as an open quest.

    (16) The key press screen that shows what computer keyboard keys does what command needs updating to show what 'R' does and holding the Mouse button down for continuous harvesting.


    Tree Growth;

    I agree, I would like to see trees prevented from growing through the 2nd level of a structure - this might actually work better, because I place foundations and still chop down the trees free of wolves and NPCs. Having a cutoff at the second level would also make the coding easier (I think).

    Second part to this request is that Trees do not spawn until they are ready to be harvested, not simply erect and un-harvestable. So many times I've approached a tree and been unable to cut it down again.

    (1) Request the graphic showing 'Steel' has a yellow stripe running through it, to differentiate it from 'Iron'. It is unclear in the recipes whether it requires iron or steel or each.

    (2) Request the Chat Box where you can chat to other players on the server be increased slightly in size and most importantly the size of the input text. Most players over 35 need glasses, I personally hate wearing glasses when I’m playing.

    (3) Request the icon for Mortar be placed in a bordered box before the Altar in the recipes page. Because we all have to make mortar several times an hour when building in stone and each time we have to scroll through the list in order to find it, sometimes the order changes, depending on the inventory, it gets frustrating.

    (4) Request Auto Walk on perhaps the letter W. (5) Request Auto Run on perhaps the letter R.

    (6) Request Auto Harvesting for chopping wood, stone and clay. It’s always going to be 10 chops or 20 mouse clicks. Perhaps hitting the 'H' or ‘F’ key once. Certainly better than waiting for carpal tunnel syndrome to kick in with multiple key presses.

    (8) The Option for a permanent name tag above the player plus a marker showing clan players on the map, preferably with a direction arrowhead.

    (9) The Option to show a marker on the map showing items (and bases) placed.

    (10) A marker on the map showing Points of Interest (POI) and the associated boundary for building restrictions.

    (11) A grid square on the map.

    (12) The option to allow players to choose the key bindings.

    (13) Everybody uses bandages, but the number of bandages is often invisible. Please move the items number to the top of the icon and give it a darker filter background.

    (15) Please put the server details into the top right data area on screen, as this info is useful for bug reports and reminding ourselves which server we are on – without having to log out.

    (17) Either change the ratio of 5:1 needed to make mortar or change the amount of mortar required for a recipe please.

    (18) We have chairs, but could we have something grander for the Viking Lord? Whilst on the same subject, could we have long benches for the minions to sit upon - as well as or instead of chairs? (I saw part of this idea in the other ongoing Developer ideas list, great minds think alike.

    (19) When the Gods spawn an artifact in the world, you get a message, but if you log on after the message has been broadcast, there is no repeat of the message, perhaps as players log on after the broadcast or re-log, a duplicate message should be generated, informing them that the Gods have spawned an artifact.

    (20) Going into the mines to gather silver and gold really needs the ability to place a flaming torch in the mines. If not that, perhaps the developers could have Oil Lanterns already in the mines that we as players could add oil or something we bring with us, to fill up the lanterns? Hence going on a quest, you pre-plan the things you are likely to need, like bandages, healing potions, berserker potions and lastly Lantern Oil. You have these great creatures coming out to meet you and you can't see anything. Having a torch on your person does not help, because you can't hold the torch and see whilst you have a weapon in hand.

    (21) Repairing damage to your base should be far easier than it is at the moment. Perhaps take a leaf out of the 'Daybreak's Just Survive' game and fix all the damage simply by being raided by somebody not on the permissions list - so a friend not in your clan breaks down a door and the whole base goes into repair mode when the raid is over - fixing all the damage done and accumulated automatically. This would also fix the clutter of partially knocked down bases. Another request is obviously a way for base owners to totally demolish a base with one command - perhaps on the command wheel - Destroy Base!

    (23) Please request ability to raise or lower a Palisade when placing it. Currently, you can place a wooden foundation first, then put the Palisade on top, then demolish the foundation - the palisade stays in the higher position, so it makes sense that a Palisade could be raised without the foundation placement. Idea from Zohan.

    (24) Player Damage or lack of; Please could the game have better physics? Characters should not be able to fall distances without getting damage, higher the fall, higher the damage, more like real life. Falling off the roof of a 3 story base should kill a character, not just give 30-70 % damage. Falling down cliffs and mountains should kill you. Most of us run around with armour, so our characters mass is even greater. We should not have the jumping ability of Superman, but some characters can jump onto the heads of other characters - that is just wrong.

    (25) Clan Permissions; Valnir Rok is a really great game but, it does not currently have a clan system put in place, it really needs to sort the matter out urgently. At the moment, it is possible for a clan to form and all clan members have full permissions to interact with clan placed objects. This can cause problems, as there are short term strategies where a SPY or INFILTRATOR can join a clan and destroy or delete clan based objects - such as gates, walls and foundations. This is not a new strategy, many games have had this, so the coding to put in permissions must already exist. Please address this ploy.

    (26) Automatic Dropout; I went AFK (away from keyboard) for a while and thought my character would simply drop out of the server for inaction, it didn't and I died! Doh.

    Could I suggest an Automatic Dropout when the player's character stops moving for say 10 minutes or 50% of their health, whichever comes first?

    (27) /Respawn; Please could an addition be made to the /help command list, that of Suicide of the Character, often it is called 'Respawn' on other games. This then allows the player's Character to spawn to another place of their choosing - rather than walking there.

    /Respawn would be my choice of command.

    (30) Change Quests to explain Abilities; please could the Valnir Rok Developers change the Quest order of play to reflect the new Abilities. The Quests are a really good form of learning how to play this game, but the current order of play needs to be shifted at the point where you learn to make tools and clothe yourself. At this point, you should be required to build a Workbench or have a special workbench already constructed for use by any player (thus preventing clutter on the server OR give players the ability to Pick-up the player owned workbench).

    The requirement to build a workbench is really needed from the beginning both to craft and act as storage. Perhaps the Quests should reflect this. Perhaps remove the quest to build the chest and substitute the workbench? I would also recommend that the NPC chat reflects the order 'Build a Workbench' and linked to the new abilities Carpenter Tier 1 with the one point that is now needed.

    (31) Change the Wood Pillar Recipe; could you please change the recipe to make a wooden Pillar from Wood to Wood Stick? It's closer to real world carpentry and like many I seem to have a much larger store of wood sticks than wood planks after cutting down a small copse of trees.

    (32) Please correct some of the spelling and grammar in the game such as the Leather Strip – not stripe. Steel Helmet not Steal Helmet. We forage stuff, we don’t loot (looting comes from breaking into something and stealing – we are not stealing, we are foraging).

    (33) Could I suggest an overhaul of the axe harvest ratio. The stone axe, gives +1. The Simple Hatchet, gives +2. The Steel Pickaxe (made of Iron - so should be called the Iron Pickaxe) should give +3. The Steel Axes used for harvesting (perhaps calling them Harvesting Axe rather than Reinforced axe) should all give +4 (and coded so they can't be used as a raiding axe). Then the Battle Axes, as they are now.

    (34) Just an idea, change the rate of ore ratios which are currently 5:1 (5 ore per rock) to a greater ratio the closer to Monster NPC zones.

    (35) Given that the current way to Repair Objects is to say the least quaint, the Damage Rate is excessive. There should be a much simpler way of fixing and entire base (or continuously joined structure) from one central foundation point or use the Job Pole placed nearby to 'cure' all structures nearby. A RADICAL IDEA, simply don't have any building damage rates at all. Break the mold of so many other games and do something different for a change?

    (36) Please increase the Arrow crafting ratios, at the moment it is 1 stone and 1 stick for one arrow. I suggest VR increases the ratio to 5 arrows per 1 stone and 1 stick. An ignot of metal should be able to produce far more common arrows than it does at present; perhaps 20 would be more realistic.

    (37) There are new players who are not aware of the Discord application and the Wiki page. I strongly suggest that Valnir Rok addresses this minor oversight in the hopes of fostering clearer communications. Many people coming through from the Steam site are unaware of the wealth of other information available and the help that can be offered - most of the time new players don't ask. Perhaps a page of links could be added at the point of the login server. This page has 3 items on the left of screen Serverlist, Options, Exit. So insert 'Essential Links for Players'. Then on this page give the links to the Valnir Rok presence on Discord, the Valnir Rok dedicated Forum and the Valnir Rok Wiki page - then on each of those pages give a backwards link to the other pages. Put the links of the WIKI and this FORUM on the dedicated Valnir Rok Discord page.

    (38) The new achievements need some lower level values, perhaps; Building a Workbench, Building a Job Pole, 1 Wolf, then 20 Wolves, 1 Boar, 1 Skeleton Warrior, then 10 Skeletons, Obtaining 20 Iron Ore, 1 Silver Ore, 1 Gold Ore.

    My radical idea stands, stop thinking placed objects need to decay, they don't it is a false economy that uses vast amounts of server power.

    You don't need to worry about going over the 100 Kg mark. Simply press and hold W and V and steer with the mouse. It's not pretty but it works.

    Continued from Valnir Rok Suggestions (Page 1).

    (41) Could I suggest an overhaul of the axe harvest ratio. The stone axe, gives +1. The Simple Hatchet, gives +2. The Steel Pickaxe (made of Iron - so should be called the Iron Pickaxe) should give +3. The Steel Axes used for harvesting (perhaps calling them Harvesting Axe rather than Reinforced axe) should all give +4 (and coded so they can't be used as a raiding axe). Then the Battle Axes, as they are now.

    (42) Request much better treasure is dropped by the Monsters in the game. The current treasures are very poor. I/We would like to see armour, swords, bows, crossbows, multiples of Silver and Gold or money.

    (43) The Recipe Menu in both Personal and Workbench is very understated, yet is greatly influential in the game, I suggest this is tweaked to give more background light, so that even if a player can't build an item the icon should still be more visible than it is at present. Recipes that can be used should be brighter still, perhaps with a Gold background to the items icon.

    (44) Suggestion, allow players to Self Delete their character on a server.

    (45)…iledetails/?id=1228607658 Request that Trees only spawn and become visible when they are ready to be harvested. I've never seen a clump of Stone or Clay that wasn't harvestable, they appear to only spawn when they can be harvested. So couldn't trees use the same code?

    (46) Request more Honey, so we can make Mead. Mead, mead, mead, mead, mead. (This is the well known Viking mead song).

    (47) Half the Stone ratio in the recipes for Stone components, to be similar to Clay components. So a typical stone foundation is 50 stone, make it 25 instead. Even builders want to go and have different fun, but they can't because they are building or repairing.

    (48) Request that the recipes from the Personal Inventory Recipes is duplicated in the Workbench General Recipes. Having now played for 2 months that is the one overall annoyance to me - having 2 menus that don't tally together, I find it totally frustrating. I don't need the General recipes in the personal inventory recipes, just the Personal Inventory Recipes in the General Workbench Recipes. Alternatively, scrap the idea of the personal inventory recipes altogether and just have all the recipes in a Workbench which would simplify the whole issue - especially now that the Quests will address the need to build a Workbench early on in the game.

    (49) Request the time it takes to make a recipe is decreased. When making thread for instance, you may have collected 70 or so Fibrous Plants, so you then turn them into Thread, this takes quite a while. When making the Altar, it seems to take ages. Making more than any one thing is slow as hel. Please cut the time it takes to make stuff.

    (50) Money should be in a leather Purse that can be dropped into a Chest or Workbench or Campfire for safe keeping.

    (51) Could we please have the Foundations 'tweaked' a bit.…iledetails/?id=1234523768

    The f12 picture shows how foundations laid on a hill or gradient cannot currently link together, so we get gaps, it's frustrating not being able to build structures that seamlessly flow.

    (52) Permissions of placed items such as the Workbench and Chest, should be limited to the clan or person who placed them, not everyone as it is at the moment.

    (53) Workbench and Chest Pick-up should be given as an option. By the person or clan placing them (same rules as the campfire i.e. empty).

    (54) Doors need to open and close much quicker, is there any way to make it faster?

    (55) Remove the Wolf and Bear NPCs from quest locations, especially where on the quests you have to interact with the Godit at The Grove 'Hogre'.

    This particular problem is made worse on private servers, where the harvestable items in increased, as the wolves and bears increase in numbers.

    (56) The Quest - Kill Masters Rabbits. I would suggest making this quest easier by asking for 5 Meat, so any 5 animals, not just rabbits. Goats are a better source of meat and if you are unlucky Wolves.

    (57) The Quest - Learn to Fight; needs tweaking. The animals should not leave central barrier area and attack the NPC (Gendrig). The option of shooting the animals with a bow should be allowed - the way the arena is set up at the moment prevents a bow and arrow from working. The respawn beds in the arena are a very good idea.

    (58) Please liaise with Nitrado to put the server administrator or owner, on the description of any private servers as a mandatory field, that way people can get characters deleted if required.

    End of this year 2017.