Patch Version


    • Plot pole: Added a plot pole to the game
    • NPC Employment: Added NPC Employment system
    • UI: Added new icons for profession skills
    • Serverlist: Added ,,Official” column to show which servers are from encurio
    • Game: Improved input state processing to provide freezing
    • Abilities: Added ability system, abilities will be deactivated when a player runs into negative influence by the respective god
    • Experience: Added Multiple server configuration values for different experience values when killing different NPCs
    • Arena: Added first world quest in the arena, added more creatures and dialogues, better localization, added bigger collider to dummies,
    • added PvP arena
    • Experience: Increased scaling of gaining experience to make faster progression
    • GM-Command: Religion influence can now be modified with /religion if Value(Example: -20.0) God(Example: Yggjur)
    • UI: Added new icons for professions


    • Character: Adjusted standard character idle animation
    • Abilities: Added translations
    • Hammer axe and reinforced axe: Damage updated
    • Retribution: Bounty, religion and divine retribution now gets ignored when combating in PvP areas
    • NPC kills: Should now only count for players who did more than 20% damage!
    • Using Stuck: Will now trigger a 20 second delay timer
    • Delay Timers: Cannot be closed by pressing ESC anymore


    • Quest: Amulet (Questitem) from the first Main Quest will now be again removed from the inventory when sacrificed
    • Arena: Fixed gates
    • (GM-)Commands: Disabled auto-activation of commands
    • Sounds: Jump sound fixed, armour sound reduced
    • City: Trunks and doors in Hubrun (Elven Harbour) and market in Grything fixed
    • Quests: Fixed quest problems, added information to the questlog about the needed profession to craft items required for the quest
    • Abilities/Server: Activating abilities won’t affect server performance anymore , Players cannot activate more than two master abilities anymore

    PvP servers got wipet with the patch.