What has happened in game since wipe, My Views

  • Honestly this is a great game I am addicted to it, However since the wipe there have been good and bad things in game.

    Lag is better in the southern starter areas but worse everywhere else. Some towns do not load in until you are already in them. Some towns you can barely move in.

    Map looks better with less half built buildings but the detail in view distance seems to be less than before wipe.

    Not falling through stairs or floor anymore and also getting in and out of doors easier.

    Combat desync is worse than before the wipe. defiantly noticeable on bears and wolves ( make killing blow and wait 1-3 seconds before it dies)

    Werewolves and trolls are easier to defeat now because of bug (get right up against them and they cannot hit you)

    Character Freezing mid combat not only still happening but now its not just happening when fighting against the Drauger but happening when fighting anything.

    Less servers oh and less people on the servers now too.

    Trees reappear but cant harvest them for 30 minutes or more and sometimes even have to log out and back in to harvest them again..

    I have not tried pvp combat since the wipe but I have seen others try and ultimately fail because of desync.

    IMO was the wipe worth it? I dont know yes it is nice to see less half built buildings but those will be back as people come and go, It is nice not falling through the stairs anymore and getting in and out of doors but that is all that the patch / wipe really fixed everything else has gotten worse. If I forgot anything or if someone else noticed something let me know.

  • I have found combat dsync has gotten better. Also I have still been falling through some floors. As far as pvp, me and my buddy have been pretty active with it, and seem to find combat going smooth. However we have too many clans treating it as "sim city" and building massive bases which has a major effect on lag. So in bigger base areas the combat sync suffers. I wish there was a way to limit bases to a certain number of walls/fences, and not allow another base too close. I'm happy with the results after wipe, I have faith the more we play and test the better things will get. Still think workbenches have way way too many HP's though.. walls come down faster than workbenches or furnaces.. oh well :) hoping for more active members to play with !!