Update, Wipe and new Server structure

  • God Dag Vikings!

    Finally we are able to provide you some News about the upcoming update and the already half-announced Server wipe.

    We had some issues with a 3rd-party Plugin which we are using for the housing in-game. Within this Plugin there was a bug which caused some major issues and finally we got an update for it.

    Unfortunately the new version is not compatible at all to the existing one, so we have to wipe all the servers.

    The good part is, that we could solve the issues with the housing and with the wipe, we are able to restructure the servers!

    New server structures

    • 5x EU PVP Server (DE)
    • 5x EU PVE Server (DE)
    • 5x EU PVP Server (EN)
    • 5x EU PVE Server (EN)
    • 2x EU PVP Server (FR)
    • 1x EU PVP Server (PL)
    • 1x EU PVP Server (IT)
    • 1x EU PVP Server (ES)
    • 4x NA PVP Server (EN)
    • 4x NA PVE Server (EN)
    • 2x NA PVP Server (ES)
    • 2x NA PVE Server (ES)

    The Russian, Latin American and Asian server will stay the same.

    At the moment we don't have any further information about OCE Servers, it's still in consideration.

    When will it happen?

    The update will be published at midnight (CET)/4 pm (PST).

    As soon as Steam recognized it, the servers will start to pull the update and install it automatically.

    So it might take some time until all the servers are updated and wiped.

    We are really sorry that we have to wipe the servers.

    We tried a lot of scenarios, but there is nothing we can change on it, since the systems are just not compatible.

    What's next?

    We are still having some issues regarding desyncs in combats.

    But we already found the reason for and will push a fix with the next patch.


    Valnir Rok Team