Patch Version

  • The Patch will include the wipe

    Today we want to realease an update taking care of multiple issues, especially a first armor improvement, we solved some combat desync issues and a housing system update for more stability.


    • Graphics:Improved armor textures with better PBR
    • Combat:Improved desync issues while in combat (work in progress)
    • Combat: Added a delay of 20 seconds when quitting the game or logging out of a server to prevent combat logging.
    • Harvesting: Shield on arm is now hidden while harvesting with backpack on


    • Housing: Changed housing save method for faster loading and more stability while saving
    • Housing: Removed clean ground condition from foundations since it caused performance issues
    • Housing: Lowered decay rate of housing
    • Combat: Inventory, equipment and weapon weight now affect stamina cost
    • World: Added Arena to world near Fjall (unfinished work in progress)
    • Character Creator: Character in character creator has now hair and bear selected as default
    • Sound: Lowered armour movement sound
    • Servers: Switched some servers to Windows due to better perfomance
    • NPCs: Lowered amount of aggressive animals in start area
    • AI: Improved AI behaviour
    • GM Command:Added /rename to rename characters


    • Character: Fixed character controller (improves falling, glith through walls, palisades etc.)
    • Sound: Set smith hammer sound in aegas ael to 3d
    • Sound: Reduced sound when activating ocean
    • Items: Questitems can’t be destroyed now
    • World: Some collider fixes
    • UI: Fixed crash when hitting “exit” in the main menu.
    • UI: Corrected some spelling
    • Camera: Camera no longer unnecessarily rotates behind character multiple times after using look around mode while moving
    • Clan: Some Clan adjustments regarding to the Clan rename commmand

    The Patch will be released around midnight CET/4 pm PST