Suggestion for community of Valnir Rok streamers

  • So recently I have been getting several German ,French and Russian viewers in my chat as I stream Valnir Rok. They have been asking me questions about the game but they is a problem I only speak English, So it is extremely difficult for me to answer them, I found a few other streamers one being German and he had viewers show up speaking English and neither of them could understand each other. So I had an Idea to try and start a stream team of sorts and try to get a list together of streamers with what languages they speak the times of day they stream (with times zone) and links to their streams. This way if we get someone we can't communicate with we can send them to someone who can. If your are in one of the other forums or can translate this into another language PLEASE do. Here is my stream info English 6:30 am - 11:00 am CST Monday- Friday

  • Hey, apparently the post office is totally lost. You should write to Kaphalor or Ragnar Valnirsson for such a project, they can give you a streamer title for the forum, so that you can choose the right areas to advertise it. If you also use the Discord and the Steam Forum, you have the possibility to reach a wider audience.