I have seen several people complaining about how easy it is to break into someones house, So here is a start to my findings

  • This morning i decided to see how easy it was to break into peoples houses, ( I had a friend build the houses to break into, because I am a nice guy and stealing is bad mmkay)

    During this test I used NO exploits or bugs,

    I broke 4 of each of the following items, workbench, wood wall, wood door, wood door frame and storage chests. ( i will be doing clay and stone at a later day)

    I timed each as well as only used the reinforced ax and watching its durability on each item always starting with new reinforced axes.

    I also did not use any berserker potions (they will speed up the process but need multiple of them and their resources add up quick.

    Wood walls and doors took on average 10 minutes to break with reinforced ax and cost half durability on the ax

    Storage chest 7 minutes and 1/3rd durability of reinforced ax

    Door frame took 9 minutes and between 1/3 and a half of the durability (closer to half the durability)

    Now this surprised me

    Workbench 40 minutes and broke 2 reinforced ax and and almost a 3rd ( I do not know if i was missing them a lot or what)

    I will be testing in the future different weapons on these same things as well as testing stone, clay and furnaces. but after spending over 5 hours testing these I needed a break. I did not think it would take as long as it did.