Patch Version


    • Combat: Added sound when hitting NPC and freeze frames of attack animations for better hit feedback
    • Combat: First version of prediciton and latency calculation
    • Combat: Added some combat sounds
    • Combat: Workbench and Furnace are now destroyable and will drop their inventories. - Sound: Updated charatcer audio (some volume balancing will follow)
    • Sound: Added some environment sounds (lakes, cities etc.)
    • Housing: Changed the way how the elements are checking their distance to the next plot


    • Inventory: Message, that there is no space in inventory, won't show now
    • Inventory: Fixed some bugs making the inventory crash
    • Clan: After renaming a Clan the overview should be updated now, too. Minor clan data fixes.
    • Items: Rusty sword can now be used again!
    • UI: Added multiple error checks to prevent ui failures. - UI: Fixed blood effect showing after combat sometimes.
    • Performance: Fixed detail view distance

    UPCOMING (next days)

    • NPCs: AI improvements and combat prediction
    • Combat: More fixes