• This forum is a place where people of different origins and backgrounds meet.

    As is the case everywhere, certain rules must be adhered to, which will be monitored by the forum team.

    The first priority is mutual respect.

    The fact that this is an Internet forum, and is not "real", does not dissolve the basic rules of human coexistence and give excuse to a lack of behavior.

    The following rules, as well as the respective area rules, are intended to specify the framework in which the Valnir forum is to be operated.

    Violations of these rules may be carried out with administrative measures such as

    Warnings, temporary or permanent forum and even ingame banning.

    The forum administration team can delete, extend, modify or override parts of these rules at their discretion

  • §1 - Contents of contributions, links or the like

    • The official language in the forum is English and in exceptional cases (for example quotations) German. This applies to all contents of the forum.
    • Use the search function before posting. Your topic may have already been addressed.
    • Before you post a contribution, consider a meaningful title that reflects the content of the post.
    • Content that violates any of the terms and conditions is strictly forbidden. Posts, profile pictures, signatures or similar. With racist, illegal, pornographic or violent content are deleted without warning.
    • The forum is a place for all age groups, so free-moving or suggestive content is also undesirable.
    • Private data (names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) of users and third parties may not be published.
    • The publication of private messages (e-mails, PMs, ingame messages, discord or talks from non-public communication channels) is only permitted with the approval of all parties involved. Exception: Ingame messages, e-mails, PMs, queries, which can not be assigned to any particular person.
  • §2 - Offense, trolling, agitation, bad language and tone of speech

    • Please always try a decent tone.
    • Insults are generally forbidden in the forum.
    • Contributions which are merely intended to provoke another user ("trolling") are not permitted.
    • It is not allowed to be rude against users, team members or participating companies. This also includes any form of defamation, bullying, bad talk, and the like. This is not affected by a self-censorship (for example, ***** or § $!% 89ff25e7-f27d-4a81-94a7-1).
    • Boycott calls are also prohibited.
  • §3 – Spam

    • Outside of the designated spam area, spam in the forum is prohibited.
    • Contributions, which differ from the actual thread topics, are considered as offtopic and are not permitted.
    • Posting contributions with the same content in several forum areas ("cross-posting") is prohibited.
    • Reposting closed threads or multiple threads of the same topic is not allowed.
    • Contributions that cause disproportionate traffic (e.g. Oversized images, countless smilies, disproportionately large characters, unnecessary character spacing, long quotations) are prohibited. The re-writing of responses / content, which already emerge from previous contributions, is regarded as posthunting and is forbidden.
  • §5 – Penalties

    • There are four different levels of sanctions:
      • Administration pointing to violations of the forum rules and have no further consequences.
      • Warning points will be given as a consequence for actions that continue.
      • Temporary locks are made after reaching a certain number of warning points. They deprive the user of the possibility of any action for a certain amount of time.
      • Permanent locks permanently deprive the user of any possible actions, and will result in a ban.
    • Massive violations can also have consequences for in game accounts.
    • Discussing actions made by the administration regarding banning, locking, warnings etc. Are prohibited. Complaints or criticism of decisions or actions made by the administration must be sent to us via the support ticket system.