Useful Structure Items

  • Hello your game :)

    I have a few suggestions for structure items that would really be useful.

    - Support beams:

    You already have pillars, beams would fill out the interiors nicely.

    - Double doors:

    Viking Great Halls usually had large ornate double doors for an entry.

    - Ground Support Pillars:

    They would be like a regular pillar, only with a stone footing attached to the bottom. Useful length of the pillar would be determined by how much of the footing is sunk into the ground. These would be used for those areas where the slope you have built on doesn't allow for a foundation. It would support a ceiling in case you would still like to build up in that area. Just having a footing that you could sink a pillar into would also suffice.

    - Double pillars:

    One for either side of a foundation/ceiling. These could come in three types.

    a. Bare (just the pillars)

    b. Braced (with cross braces)

    c. Railing (with rails for balconies)

    - Stair Railing

    Rails to add to the sides of stair pieces.

    - Wide Stairs:

    Stairs the width of the foundation/ceiling pieces so one could have a solid width of steps instead of gaps between them.

    - Columns:

    Large ornate columns to accentuate the wider steps and doors on a Great Hall.

    - Windows:

    You have them on NPC structures, surely you can add them to the recipe list.

    Decorative Items..

    - Candles:

    To use in different types of holders, including chandeliers or other types of hung lighting.

    - Trophies:

    Killing various animals could result in a rare drop of the animals cape/pelt that could be crafted into head mounts or wall/floor pelts or full taxidermied creatures.

    - Raised Dias:

    To set a throne on.

    - More Furniture Items:

    Stools, benches, bars, shelving, etc ..

    Some uses for existing items ..

    - Hang wall torches on pillars.

    - Hang banners on the adjoined edges of two wall pieces.

    - Standing banners that can be set on a floor or on the ground.

    - Tag weapons, armor, shields as decor so they may be used as such.


  • Almost everything I wanted to post as well :)

    In addition:

    Walls with half the height

    Carved beams to place as frontal ending pieces for roofs (including the twin horse carving end piece that is shown in the title screen)

    Wicker fences

    Edit: Various items that exist in NPC villages/towns should be relatively easy to add, e.g. tanning/drying rack, benches, barrels, crates, sacks

    Deutsche Version:


    Halbhohe Wände

    Beschnitzte Endbalken als Abschluß von Dächern (inklusive des Zwillingspferdemotifs als Giebelabschluss wie im Titelbildschirm zu sehen)


    Edit: Verschiedene Dinge die in NSC Dörfern/Städten zu sehen sind sollten relativ einfach machbar sein, z.B. Trockenrahmen, Bänke, Fässer, Kisten, Säcke