Good tips

  • Repairing items -- Cost 1 of each of the base materials to perform. Damage level doesn't matter. Very efficient

    Build structures out of wood -- learn the mechanics with easy to get materials

    Loot -- check everything, even if it seems empty it may have money and looting a chain shirt is way faster than mining 300 iron

    Craft -- you can craft on the move, be making thread/cloth/bandages all the time

    Disassembly -- Figure out what items can be disassembled/crafted into lower weight items

    Crafting -- you can run stations simultaneously

    Marigold -- Cures poison, makes HP pots Marigold is the vegetation of the future!

    Combat -- have a shield, hold RMB to block, keep food/water above 90% to regenerate health quickly, bandage if you start to bleed, attack after you block

    Gear -- a lot of stuff can be found in abandoned villages. Reinforced axe is the go to item for harvesting, and is a decent combat weapon.

    Carrying stuff -- make a leather backpack and leather bag. The backpack requires a table

    Hunting -- Make a bow (sticks, thread, leather straps) at a crafting table. Arrows are easy. Don't chase rabbits!

    Wolves -- My nemesis. Don't run around naked. See my combat tip

    Armor -- max armor is 90 atm. See gear tip. Max armor is chain/heavy chest, armored boots, goggled helm, gloves, vambraces.