- NPC: Nerfed wolves a bit - slightly lower damage and less often knock over players (33% Chance instead of 50%)
    - UI: Added a notification for the spawn protection (still needs localization)
    - UI: Blacklist available in the options menu
    - UI: Added improved error logging during login process
    - UI: Improved responsiveness and sounds of the UI

    - NPC: Reduced animal population by 25%, this includees wolves
    - GM: Gamemaster command: /mute "Name" and /unmute "Name". A muted player is blocked in sending voice or chatmessages. Please use this wisely.
    - Server: Added auto add column command when server is starting up for blacklist column - UI: Renamed some iron and steel items

    - NPC: Added missing attributes for NPCs
    - UI: Modified the character name filter to prevent apostrophes from being used since it breaks the server
    - UI: Preventing the chat window from receiving focus when pressing tab.
    - Quests: A dialogue in the Quest Post Apokalypse can now be closed when pressing ,,Bye!"
    - Housing: Added a ground check condition to fences, so it gets removed when foundation underneath gets removed
    - Housing: Palisade should be placable again
    - Housing: Added a dinstance to plot condition to well and palisade with radius of 1.5 meters. so it can't be used to block entrances
    - Housing: Fixed placingproblem with ceilings and foundations near wells
    - Housing: Wells can now be destroyed again
    - Housing: Clan banner should be destroyable again