Building is clunky

  • Loving the game a lot more than I thought I would and my hats off to you folks!

    I know is day 1 / 2 of release and not angry at all.. But it seems like when i try to build a roof or place ceilings regardless of how many pillars i have set or foundations etc, or despite being labelled as green to place, the pieces simply wont build. Im not losing the items, or materials, just simply cannot connect them.

    The random movement keys also showing up in chat window even though chat has not been activated, making targeting and "using" features unusable.

    I noticed it said, controls customization will be unlocked soon, so will not mention that.

    Keep up the solid work!!

  • Hey thanks for your feedback and I hope I don't get you wrong. Is it possible that you have other player buildings nearby or worse a fountain?

    If so, there is a certain distance control in the game. The well is currently a problem, what will be fixed with the next patch

    Ur Valnir Rok Team