Dragon slayer sword

  • Hi, i canr figure out how to make the dragon slayer sword, i have beaten the dragon serval times, the troll crusher hammer and werewolf bow appears in my workbench but not the dragon slayer sword. And also i find it very hard to level up now when im at lvl 25, it takes ages, anyone got any tips:?:

  • Hello Rotax. :)
    Regarding leveling up, (thank's to The Purifier, for this advice):
    Cut lots of Wood and make Wood Sticks and from those Wood Sticks create Sharpened Sticks.
    As long as you are under lvl 30, the levels will go up pretty fast.
    Just keep an eye on those, so you will not be overloaded..
    I believe you should be able to have around 250 Wood, in your inventory so they will not be wasted, since you are getting 4 Wood Sticks from each Wood. :)
    It is working for me and I am lvl 50 now. And yes, it took around 3 to 4 month to get there. :)

    With the Dragon Slayer Sword, I can't find it either.
    It might come up in the Ability Tree, Grandmaster Tier 4, under Forger, but not sure, since I don't have anything in Grandmaster yet?
    Not even sure it is in the recipe yet? :)

  • Thanks alot Dana, i will try out your advice :) ive just got a couple more levels left before max in forge, but would suck to do all that grind just to figure out there aint any reward. Most likely i will just go for the troll crusher hammer then.

    Im really enjoying this game despite all its bugs an faults, it definitely got big potensial!