Patch 0.6.0 Q&A post your questions!

  • What does patch 0.6.0 means for us?

    No desyncs, no lags, completely new combat and netcode!

    Do you have questions about the 0.6.0 Combat Update? Great! Post your questions here.

    We’ll collect them and make a Q&A video where we will answer them in person and maybe tell you a little bit more about the future of Valnir Rok.


  • Hi, first off I'm having a lot of fun with this game. I enjoy it alot. My current feedback centers around the bow and animal AI.

    When using the Bow, the character obstructs the field of vision for aiming. Or atleast it does when I think of other games. Thoughts:

    - Can we zoom into a first person camera when using the bow or is that too much to ask? :) perhaps just rework the current camera then to offset the model a little more?

    Animal AI is irritating haha. The moment I unsheathed my bow, or weapons rabbits and deer take off. The sprint and zigzag around. It's near impossible to kill anything with a bow unless its aggressive towards you. Thoughts:

    - Perhaps adjust the spooking AI until after its been hit with a weapon? Maybe make headshots count more?

    That's it for right now. I'll add another post later :)