The good, the bad, and the ugly

  • First the good. The game is skill based and not for those who like tab targeting. There is a lot of crafting, which I like, and resources are easy to find. For those who play/ed Darfkall, it's a watered down version of it with losing all your items upon death. You can retrieve them IF you can actually find your corpse. It's clear the game is in Alpha but it's playable with not many disconnects. Overall, the game has a lot of promise.

    The bad and ugly. There are no bind spots so when you die, if you've ventured out into the wild, you have to pick a given point which really sucks when you are a good 15-20 minute run back. By the time you get there, if you are lucky enough to make it, your corpse is gone and you've lost everything. Clearly this is a huge problem. Additionally, the marker on the map that shows the GENERAL area of where your corpse is often times is missing or does not stay, making it even harder to find your corpse. Corpses should remain until someone else loots, you loot or server resets.

    The aggro distance of mobs is way to large, thus you pull mobs that are a long distance away.

    For crafting, it takes insane amounts of ore to make ingots. It takes 10 iron ore to make one silver ore. When you mine rock, the ratio is under 1:4 so what you get are massive amounts of stone and little ore. For example, after mining for hours, I had 2000 stone and 230 iron ore which equates to 23 silver. ingots. Either the amount of ore while mining needs to be increased or the number of ingots needs to be increased when smelting.

    Storage is good and you can easily make storage boxes, however when you store a large amount of say, stone, then try to take it out of your box, while it goes into your inventory, you can't split it. Thus, you have to "split one" over ... and over.... and over... and over... etc. which is ridiculous. If it was able to be in your inventory on your person, you should be able to split it in any denomination you wish.

    I did enjoy this game for the most part but rage quit from having to run forever to retrieve my corpse, which ultimately was not there when I finally made it back. If you plan on staying very close to their designated respawn points (which are all in the Southern area of the map except one) then you should be fine. Hopefully the devs are still working on this game and make some improvements as it really does have a lot of potential.

  • Hi doglawur and welcome to our forum!

    At first : Thank you for the feedback!

    You can build tents - so if you are far away from your base you can build a tent to spawn there if you die . Or you build a bed in your base.

    The lootbag stays there for ~10 minutes after a dead, it get lost if you leave the server ( this may will be changed in the future )

    You shouldnt be able to make silver out of iron ore, do you mean Ironbars?

    You can be sure that our devs are still working on the game to make it great :)

  • As I said, I like the game and think it has promise. I had no idea about tents and will try doing that. What happens if you have more than one tent? Where would you spawn in after death? I am having an issue with logging off and back in which I posted in the help section. Basically what happens when I log off and log back on later on, I automatically die, which is really annoying. Regarding the iron, yes, I meant iron bars. Glad to know you are working on the game and good job on what you've accomplished.

  • Hello doglawur. :)
    You can have as many tents up, as you wish.. Though they will decay quite fast.
    And if too near a town or other buildings, you may need to go a bit further away to set down you tent.
    If you have a bed inside your tent, you should be able to see it on the map, when you die, and you can pick where you want to spawn. :)