• FAQ

    Note: This is the early access phase of the game. Features can be buggy and unfinished, even the content is not yet fully published.

    What if I need quick help?

    I found bug, where should I report it?

    • The best to report bugs is ingame via the menu.
    • If you want to show us a screenshot, you can press "ins" before opening the options. The screenshot will be attached directly to the bug report.
    • Reporting bugs in the Discord or Forum usually doesn't provide enough information, because the ingame report provides more technical informations.

    Will there be Wipes?

    • If it is necessary to fix bugs or to implement new features yes.
    • However, we try to avoid this as best we can.

    Will the server software be released ?

    • Yes, it will be released, when is still unknown. We will inform you when the time comes.

    Will there be more quests?

    • In any case!

    Do I have to repair each component individually?

    • No. You can build a totem and sacrifice to the gods - they will stop the decay for you for a while as long as you don't forget them.

    Am i allowed to Stream the game on Twitch/Youtube/etc ?

    • Sure!

    Can I change my character or reset my skill points?

    • At the moment this is not yet possible, please contact a Game Master in Discord.
    • The appearance can currently only be changed if the character will be deleted by a GM, but also the rights to your buildings and items are lost when we do this, so you should think about it carefully.
    • Features to reset skill points and customize the appearance will be available as fast as possible.

    Where can I post my ideas/feedback/criticism about the game?

    • We always like to see constructive criticism, ideas and feedback!
    • The best place for that is our forum.
    • We always keep an eye on the forum. Even if you don't always get an answer from a developer or GM, you can be sure that it will be read and thought about!

    If I want to join a server I get the message "Couldn't spawn player" What can I do?

    • If you get this message you just have to wait, after a few minutes you can join again.

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