Is this game dead?

  • I purhased this a while back on steam and it seems like it has no activity. Servers are empty and the last news in this forum is for a vote back in December.

    I payed money for this and im wondering if devs are just gonna grab the cash from people and run like alot of other Dev teams have done.

    It would be a shame cuz this has potential.

  • Hi OsmosXTRM , and welcome to our forums!

    Unfortunately youre right, actualy there are not much player in the game - but were on a way to change this.

    I can definitely tell you that our Devs dont just grab the money, they work hard to make this game better.

    Our Dev team is acutaly very small, so new things and bugfixes need more time than in big studios.

    You can join our Discord to find some players to play with if you want :)