Just a quick couple of suggestions

  • Just purchased the game and I love it so far, but there are a couple of things that I really wish were a part of it, things that might draw a few more people from a particular crowd. For starters, as a text-based Roleplayer, I see a lot of potential for friends of mine to take part in your community, and would even consider hosting my own server if a roleplay emote command were added to the chat system, as well as a way to more easily switch between channels. For example, "/me approaches Bjorn and narrows his eyes," might post in chat as, "Sigurd approaches Bjorn and narrows his eyes." As a text based roleplayer, I can work around this by simply typing out what I want, but I know that some might find it tedious.

    The second thing, I believe, would be the easiest to execute. Some of us roleplayers tend to like to walk when we enter a town, and so far I have been unable to find such a command, though I see the animations already exist in game on the NPCs. It would be nice if we could press a button to toggle between walk/run instead of only being able to switch between run/sprint.

  • Hallo Mr. Doctorprofessor22,

    in the future it should be possible to host your own servers (away from Nitrado), there you can also program your own scripts and run them. This will probably be easier than convincing the Devs to program this :D