• With this release we upgraded to a newer Engine-Version. This might cause some things to break that we didn't catch. One such thing is for example the sky system we use which results in strange results during night time (we are still working on improving night time though).


    - Horse has right Animator, jaw and reins dont bug away anymore.
    - Brigandine armors are now available in all colors.
    - Armors for the female character (Lammellar, small lammellar, scale, small scale) are fixed and updated.
    - Fixed the missing material issue that caused the black horses to turn pink when viewing them from a certain distance

    - Fixed an issue that caused players to be disconnected from the horse when they equipped other armor sets

    - Fixed an issue that caused items to be copied multiple times when being hit due to infinite durability.
    - Sandwich item will now show it's stack amount


    - Upgrade to newer Engine Version (this might help with performance in some places)
    - Experimental change to prevent invisible characters when dismounting. (Partially helped)
    - Added world entity creation caching (Experimental)
    - Improved settings for player movement interpolation which should result in an overall smoother movement for - remote players. (Experimental)