Closed Alpha Version


    - Minor corrections on beach
    - Faster loading for buildings (experimental)
    - Mute chat and voicechat of Players with /ignore "Name" and undo this with /unignore "Name" (currently not saving data when logging out)
    - Reactivate navigation-script for npcs when needed
    - Added missing attribute to elven witch
    - Flying stuff in Aegas Ael
    - Elven Wall Collider
    - Players cannot interact with chests anymore if they closed the inventory window (for example transfer objects to it from distance)
    - Some NPC attacks are no longer unblockable
    - Fixed some weapon un-/equip synchronisation issues
    - Blood splatter overlay no longer appears when successfully blocking attacks


    - Guards will a bit attack slower
    - New login method. A website account isn't needed anymore to play the game it will now be authenticated via steam (this is a massive change and might break stuff we need to fix in the next days till it it is tested correctly) - Weak weapons can no longer damage buildings
    - Harvesting no longer uses stamina
    - Npcs can handle unknown enemy positions (wip) like bows