Totem not upgrading

  • Just built a totem for stopping decay and got it up to the 2nd level. The button for 'UPGRADE' is now clickable, and I have the 70 Wood, 80 Iron and 10 Silver in my bag but it's not letting me click UPGRADE. It keeps saying No_Res and I know they are all in my bag. Is this a new bug? I was able to get this upgraded on another server.

  • Thank you for your quick response, Nosssi. I'm still not getting mine to accept my Level 2 offering of the wood, ore and silver, so I put in an in-game ticket. Let me make sure however that all I need to make sure of is that I have the correct offering items in my backpack, right? I don't need to drop and drag the items into the sacrifice box? Because I did try that as well, and all it did was eat my mats and didn't level it.

  • I added a bunch of armor I crafted until the yellow bar stopped going higher. Once that happen the button that says UPGRADE became available and when I click on it it's showing No_Res on my screen ans won't allow it to upgrade. I'm also sure I have the correct mats it is wanting me to sacrifice. I don't want to keep having to drag all my silver, ore and wood just to keep checking it, I'll run out quick. That's why I asked if I had to drag the mats to the sacrifice box or just have them in my backpack. The yellow bar will not go any higher also.