Patch Notes 0.5.1806


    The limited armor is only given to players who have made a special contribution to Valnir Rok. You can not buy or loot this armor. Suggestions can be made via Discord to the GMs or over Facebook or Twitter.

    • Jarls Golden Armor and Helmet
    • Hersir Steel Armor and Helmet


    • Feature: Players can now redeem codes by using the command /code
    • World: Added horse practice range near Grything


    • Quests: Homesick, Jarlsdottir, You Shall not Pass, Appetite for Destruction and Need for Mead work now
    • Horse: The horse can now be used from the content menu by clicking use or via a quickslot.
    • Horse: Fixed an issue that caused the player to be disonnected from the horse when mounting.
    • Horse: Fixed an issue that caused horses to behave incorrectly when going through specific zone colliders.
    • Armor: Helmets with tails can now be salvaged.
    • Artifacts: Artifacts can now be carried longer in the inventory again.
    • Farming: Farm Plot should now show the correct plants
    • Farming: Added blue berry seed icon
    • Farming: Bears garlic should can now be grown.
    • Farming: Changed the growth rate back to one hour
    • Conditions: Drunk is now stronger
    • Combat: Fixed an issue that caused weapons to not sheath correctly
    • Combat: Player can’t dodge with stamina < 5 or full inventory
    • World: Some minor bugfixes
    • World: updated water system and improved water perfromance
    • World: Players can swim again
    • UI: Fixed and reworked the german localization.


    • UI: Updated quest translations
    • UI: Set english as default language for new players
    • Armor: Updated legendary armor
    • World: Updated roads in start area
    • World: Added more bushes, updated forest density
    • World: Updated and optimized fir trees and stone decals
    • Trade: Changed all prices
    • Trade: Added more items