Wall tops and gateways

  • My guild have been engaged in fortress building, the palisade wall isn't much fun, has no walkway and is damn ugly so we had used a single width of foundation with wall on the inner and outer side, with a ceiling as a wall walk. For the wooden version the wooden fence works as a reasonable crenellation / battlement edge substitute, but the small stone wall cannot be used in the same way. (can be placed directly on a foundation but not on top of a wall. Would it be possible in the short term to allow the use of small stone walls on top of any stone floor and / or in the long term to give a 1/3 height wall piece in wood and stone with a crenellation effect on the top to use for building fort type structures.

    Also for the same concept a two foundation width gateway, incorporating a small edge of foundation to connect onto the wall and an opening two door gate of a height equivalent to approx. one wall would be a great addition in the future to allow more fun / complex fortress type structures.

    Thanks in advance.