Palisades and foundations

  • Due to their being no real terraforming:

    1) I think the palisade height should be increased by around 20%. At the moment when building on a slope of mountain side they can easily be cleared by jumping from a slightly higher ground level.

    2) Foundation level could also be increased or a way to build a foundation lower to build another foundation on top. As there is no terraforming it is very difficult to build structure in sloped areas such as a mountain side.

    Great game though guys I'm enjoying every second ^^

  • Hallo Redsteel,

    (1) there are supposed to be even higher palisades, but only the Devs know when they are coming.

    (2) Building foundations on mountains could be difficult for several reasons. On the one hand, the models have to be enlarged (or they would have to fly) and on the other hand, it would look pretty stupid if they are 100 meters high. Of course, you could probably solve this in a different way, with different ideas, but the team is quite small and they are working on new content.


  • Thank you Alienpunk for your response and I completely understand the situation. With regards to the answers

    1) Higher palisades will definitely solve the issue and I have also noticed on the arena walls there is a structure that can be onto the palisades that would also work

    2) I completely agree that building 100 metres high would look ridiculous and are no realistic but without terraforming it is extremely difficult to build in mountainous areas and it can be seen that even in the dev built cities that the land on top of mountainous terrain had to first be flatted to just build palisades and hovels.

    Again these are not complaints but just suggestions to help the success of the game going forward and I am currently enjoying the game and have even bought it for a friend to join me.