Some Suggestions

  • Loving the game so far, I know it's on alpha and many of the things I'm going to suggest here maybe are already in progress, but anyway here is a list with categories

    Interface and hud

    1. Player's Name above it's head (we need to recognize who is who)
    2. Choose the amount of itens to transfer (sometimes you have a huge amount of an material on you workbench, and just need to take a few to other places, but you can't decide the amount you want to take, and spliting or taking it one by one takes too much time)
    3.A Compass for direction

    Buildings and properties

    1.Player should decide if his properties will go to the clan or remain with him, (sometimes you take a lot of effort building something and get stuck in a clan because you don't want to lose you belongings and buildings)
    2.Increase the radius of the guards near the city banner
    3.In the city banner, determine who is allowed to build in your city


    Tier 2 - Craft carts
    Tier 3 - Craft Ships
    Tier 4 - Craft Balista for defense and catapult for attack

    Tier 2 - Craft The palisades, towers and gatehouse used in Gnefa,
    Tier 3 - Craft The palisade,towers and gatehouse used in Anfort
    Tier 4 - Elven Styled houses
    Also able to craft pre-molded houses already used in the game cities

    Tier 3 - Craft a market stall, like the city banner you can place a NPC there for trade, like a Blacksmith or Food trader (gives income)
    Tier 4 - Another market stall,where you pay an npc to be your merchant, you give him the Itens and determine the price, when another player visits this merchant, he can see the itens you want to sell and buy them from the merchant ( this one you have to give a comission for the merchant)

    Tier 3 - Craft potion that increases maximum Health / Stamina for a short time

  • I also forget to add this

    Clan Election - 1 time per week a clan member can start a voting for become the clan leader, voting lasts for 24 hours, who get more vote becomes the leader

    useful if your clan leader don't play anymore

  • Hello RubensDC. :)

    You have some good suggestions above, the only part I personally can't see in use is the part about:
    "Abilities Carpenter

    Tier 4 - Craft Balista for defense and catapult for attack".

    Norsemen's key to victory is mobility.

    If they had to drag heavy siege weapons along, that would greatly reduce their mobility.

    Also, I honestly believe that those siege weapons would be too heavy and take too much space up on the longboats.

    I know the game is not based on the accurate Viking Age history but more on mythology and fantasy. But to add heavy siege weapons to the game would not, in my opinion, make much sense, since those weapons first were used a little later in the Middle Age.

    The Greek and Byzantine cultures had siege weapons, at that time, though - but not the Norsemen. :)

  • Hey, thanks for your feedback. First of all I have to tell you that by pressing your mouse wheel you can see the player name.

    The developers are currently working on many of the things you have listed.

    If you are not yet in the Discord, then you are welcome to bring this to the Discord and will get more information there sooner.

    We are currently working internally on a large content patch, which will generally be more heavily tested and will entail a lot of changes.

    We moderators are also always on the lookout for your topics and feedback as well as from you directly to the developers. (If not already in the voting list)