VR Suggestions (Page 3).

  • So a new year and some more suggestions for the CEO Sebastian and his tiny band of Developers. The work so far has been impressive.

    (1) Biggest bugbear for me is the speed at which recipes complete. So you've assembled the components of whatever your making and then wait for the programme to cycle. It's slow at best, could you please speed up the process. It's really noticeable when as a player you're trying to making tens or hundreds of something - seems to take forever. I am sure that making recipes instant, would stop much of the lag players get in game too.

    (2) The current incarnation of the Quests is better, but the addition of the Dragon Slaying and Mine Expedition should really be at the end of the 22 other quests. The beginning of the quests is still badly constructed, the idea is to teach new players that they need to build a Workbench as soon as possible and then often throughout the game (unless you bring in, 'picking up' workbenches). Building a chest is a pointless exercise. The next urgent quests should be building the Well and the Furnace. The Rabbits for the Master should be changed to simply 5 meat - any meat. The area of the quests should be free of Bears and Wolves, especially in the Grove of Hogre when you meet the Godit. The numbering of the quests is also totally deranged.

    (3) All the abilities should be available to everyone to attain, not simply cut off at 60 points. There is room for future abilities.

    (4) Inventories are still bleeding across into different inventories - your furnace is cooking, your first workbench is cooking, your second plus workbench is cooking, the campfire is cooking. You check on the progress or want to change something and you constantly get the readouts of the other items cooking and not the item you are actually looking at. I used to think it was the distance between items, so spreading out the furnace and workbench and campfire has proved to be useless. As i've experimented and have workbenches spread across the map and I still get the bleed of inventory readouts with hundreds of in game metres apart.

    (5) I've been playing on the private server; Crusty Old Gamers, it has a times 5 harvesting and times 2 experience increase over the official servers. The increase makes the game much more fun and I do wish the official servers would take the example given - rather than the grind it is currently.

    (6) The Altar; when you are a solo player, one altar is enough, but when you are in a clan, we should be allowed to build multiple Altars and at least one per God. The page that shows the sacrifice box should ideally come with a list of what each God likes to receive and what causes the corruption by the Gods.

    (7) I'm sure there must be a way for VR to capture Crash Reports and System Specs from players (Steam Valve recently took a capture of architecture only last week - so VR should have ability). So when a crash report is generated, VR should automatically be able to capture it? Perhaps it may need the players permission to send it, this could be overcome with a simple question on the Terms of Gameplay.

    (8) Grammatically incorrect statement; in the Furnace it says '...Once you did this you need fuel...' it should say 'Once you do this you need fuel...'

    (9) Spelling mistake; Leather Strips not Leather Stripes.

    (10) Spelling mistake; Steel Helmet not Steal Helmet.

    (11) Request a new building component to deal with hills and gradients, a foundation comprising of 2 units, one higher than the other, similar to a large step. See f12 screenshot; http://steamcommunity.com/shar…iledetails/?id=1263583607

    This request has come about because there is nothing worse when building when you suddenly run out of foundation room because the site is on a slight gradient. What makes it worse is, the current ways of building leaves a gaping hole or gap between the walls. It's only eye candy, but we all strive for perfection.

    (12) Spelling mistake; Silver of the Dead not Silver of the Deads (in the quests).

    (13) Grammar mistake; On the quest description for the Silver of the Dead, it should say Karl Sigdan is looking for a Viking to enter the Silver Mines... Not '...who enters...'.

    (14) I suggest the order of the of the new quests be added to the end, not near the beginning, because players need to have a high ability to make armour and weapons to take on the Dragon (Wyvern) using a Werewolf Bow and the Silver of the Dead really relies on having berserker Potion and a Gold Sword to defeat the NPCs sufficient to obtain the required 10 silver ore. In an earlier request I asked for the Workbench to be the first item to be built by all players doing the quests. Having completed the quests several times now on different servers, the requirement to build the Workbench is the most important part in the game. Added to this, all the recipes in the personal inventory need to be duplicated or put in the Workbench recipes to simplify the whole crafting experience.

    (15) The quest - Talk to Karl Sigdan should show completion when the NPC says 'I have nothing for you', not remain on screen as an open quest.

    (16) The key press screen that shows what computer keyboard keys does what command needs updating to show what 'R' does and holding the Mouse button down for continuous harvesting.