Latest Patch Version - 0.5.1165

  • Many thanks for removing the snow, this was a test on your part but it needed some corrections down the line, but it was a good try, perhaps next time it will be sorted, but I must say it did look good and made things harder to find.

    Graphics: Your effort to improve fog and the fog color now looks a lot better, you also say for improvement performance in framedrops in the crowded villages has changed, well I can tell you that it has changed quite alot, nothing like stopping in mid air with 3 NPS's behind you and you cant move for 2 seconds, I tried it and attacked them to see the difference and yes a great improvement.

    As for better FPS I am getting at the moment with all the settings set to MAX just over 61 Fps constant it dosent move much so I am happy there.

    So to top it all, a great effort well done team...