Trees need to stop permarespawn in some way

  • Trees will spawn even through buildings. I'd like you to make an update where trees will quit respawning if foundations are on or around them. It would be nice if I could cut down trees and they stay cut down if they are around the perimeter of someone's structure. Its a really small thing, but perhaps adding a way for people to plant trees or something. Like perhaps trees lay new baby trees, or something similar to give trees a life cycle. Its just that right now I can cut down trees, count a few minutes, and they return almost immediately. It seems unnatural especially when they are growing through buildings and blocking unnecessarily. If anyone has made a thread about it, I haven't seen it. Thanks all, comments on the subject are appreciated :)

  • Well if they could make a way for people to remove the stump nodes like with a shovel to prevent them from spawning by ie removing them completely, this would work. To avoid trees being permanently removed from the map, I'd recommend to add like a world tree, where it spawns trees around it. A world tree would be like an origin tree for forests, it can not be removed or killed, but it spawns trees around it. That way it doesn't remove them entirely, and still gives players some freedom (for as long as they don't put their base DIRECTLY beside the origin tree) that would work.

  • Tree Growth;

    I agree, I would like to see trees prevented from growing through the 2nd level of a structure - this might actually work better, because I place foundations and still chop down the trees free of wolves and NPCs. Having a cutoff at the second level would also make the coding easier (I think).

    Second part to this request is that Trees do not spawn until they are ready to be harvested, not simply erect and un-harvestable. So many times I've approached a tree and been unable to cut it down again.